How Can Your B2B Business Benefit Most From B2B Social Media?

Last updated: 2019-02-04

Today, the majority of business-to-business (B2B) companies are utilizing social media in some capacity to maximize their marketing efforts. The problem is, however, that many of these businesses will utilize social media – but they won’t really think about what they are using it for. Without knowing who you service and what they actually appreciate, it’s almost impossible to do your B2B social media research properly.

The B2B Social Media Catch-22 In fact, the majority of B2B businesses won’t even try and consider what social media tools they should be using. Rather than concentrating their efforts on making one extremely effective campaign, many B2B Social Media campaigns will have a little bit of everything going on. This isn’t really the right way to go about it, especially not without in-depth marketing research. Making the most of the right tools is more important than making a little out of them all. B2B marketing is, as you will know, far more complex than marketing to clients. There are far more hurdles to get over between selling to client who need your service, and convincing a business that they could make the most of your service. Therefore, it’s much harder to actually calculate what type of social media marketing you should carry out based on the volatile nature of the key decision makers at big businesses.

The Biggest B2B Social Media Mistakes You Can Make You might think that by using the two biggest social media websites in Facebook and Twitter that you can capture your market the most effectively. You would, unfortunately, be wrong. While slling to clients and customers is much easier because even in their social time they are constantly looking at things to buy and subscribe to, with business owners it’s no simple. As a business owner yourself, would you really want people targeting your own private social media accounts to market to your business? Using Twitter and Facebook to push your business message can actually be a little dangerous – especially if you target the business owner specifically with marketing materials. LinkedIn is arguably a better choice for your social media usage, but you need to be very careful about how you use the service. LinkedIn is notorious for spammers, and it’s very easy to get yourself lumped in there without making the perfect introduction. It can leave you marked as a spammer in Groups that could have been lucrative to you, had you played it differently. So, what are the potential solutions for you? Considering that most B2B Social Media campaigns are guarded and very closely run, it kind of goes against everything that social media stands for. With such a powerful tool being so edgy in the current B2B marketing world, what can you really use to achieve some success? In a few years’ time it may be much easier to market effectively using the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as Google and other big hitting search engines like Bing start to synchronize more effectively with each other. While you may be able to catch somebodies eye with your highly ranked Facebook page, you might not get the click you need because they are looking for a corporate site to garner information, not social media.

Marketing Yourself As An Authority Using Social Media Therefore, your best bet to really hit your target market and start to garner genuinely powerful results from B2B social media is releasing useful and information-rich content, and using this information as your gateway to get in and form a relationship with the business in question. Using various tools that you might not consider social media but very clearly are, you can really capitalize on a market than many aren’t using. Filling up blogs with useful content, hosting useful documentation and advice online with sites like Squidoo, and even uploading media like webinars and video marketing as content is a great way to open your B2B Social Media options far higher. By using social media to then position this information as easily attainable, you can make sure that the right audiences are seeing the content you want them to. Then, it’s up to you to re-position and create this content in many new styles and formats time and time again. This lets you create enquiries from all over the place by simply using the same information over and over again. Using social media to distribute this content can be a powerful way to gain followers and interest from other businesses. Rather than posting yourself as the instant solution with your paid-for package, entice business owners by offering them high-end content that they can learn from, and then wish to know more. You might not be able to get in the front door with traditional marketing methods, but posing yourself as somebody with useful content and material can be a good way to get the clients you are looking for.

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