More than just a B2B IP tracking tool

Last updated: 2019-03-22 is marketed as a B2B IP tracking tool, but for the well trained eye, it is a lot more than that.

B2B website tracking has become an essential requirement for sales teams across the globe.

Knowing who visits your website has added a competitive advantage to small and medium sized businesses and with SEO rankings helping these smaller companies show on the first pages of popular search engines, more and more traffic is being diverted away from the big players.

There is now a shift in how these businesses operate. The impetus is now on efficiency as well as price, not just brand name and offering. Smaller companies using a B2B IP tracking tool like can compete with the bigger businesses by simply being proactive with the data supplied to them.

Instead of collating a database of leads, pro-actively engaging with their visitors in a smaller space of time means they cut off the individuals chances of finding a similar product elsewhere whilst having the ability to talk to the person interested in what they offer.

But what more can do for you and your business? CAN help you with your SEO (if you're currently managing this in house). Instead of looking at each visitor as a prospect for a sale, look at them as information. Do you get a lot of businesses visit you that are not relevant to your industry? If you do, then use this as an alarm to know that something you are saying is driving them to your website.

Think of your website like a shop. What you put in the window will determine what customers will walk in your door. If you are advertising slippers but sell couches you probably wont make a sale and your customer will leave.

The same is with the content on your site. Having the ability to see what companies land on your site gives you the insight into what they might be looking for. If it is not what you advertise then you know that changes need to be made.

Use the keyword report to find out what search terms people are finding you on. Make changes and monitor the businesses that visit you to see if there are any marked improvements.

Understanding your competition is just as important as understanding your own product. Knowing what they are looking at and having the ability to see what they are looking at on your website gives you the competitive edge.

If you can see that a competitor has been on your site, you can use whoisvisiting to find out what pages they viewed and how long they were on each page.

We use this same method ourselves and use it to watch what our competitors are doing. If they are looking at a specific product then you can use this information to assume that they may be interested in improving their own offering. Having this knowledge means you can push forward with your marketing and sales and potentially prevent being caught out by a competitors campaign for a similar product.

One of the most fundamental things any business should be on top of is growth. Without it, we become stagnant and then die. If you are unfamiliar with google analytics or you find it difficult to use then using can make spotting growth easy.

Growth is not only defined by sales, you need the traffic to get the sales. Using our dashboard you can see what traffic you are receiving.

By selecting the date range option you can then see the growth over time to see how your visits have either declined or improved.

Combining this with the above methods also gives you an insight into how your SEO and marketing efforts have worked and you can measure the success of your work. The more I use and develop the product will mean the more uses I will find for it.

Simply using it for one application means you are limiting yourself from a world of wonder.

Don't be restricted by the main application. If we all had that mentality we would still be sending 159 character limit texts and camera phones would not be in existence. Making the most of what information is on offer will only assit your business in the long run.

When I find more uses for this product I will pass on this knowledge to the customers.

If you want any information on how you can utilise whoisvisiting for your business then either book a demo below or contact your account manager if you are already a hero.



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