You've identified companies visiting your website, now what?

Last updated: 2019-04-15

Great news. If you’re gathering data on companies visiting your website then it’s safe to say you’re probably using, and we couldn’t be happier!

Being frank however, there are ways you can further enhance the value of this data. We’ve found (from direct customer feedback) that our customers are using our data for different reasons and acting on the data in different ways. Here’s a snippet.

Profiling and contacting (calling)
Let’s face it, cold calling is a love-hate relationship. It is however undeniably effective if you stick at it. We find customers whose cold calling is an existing core to their business use data to bolster and ‘put to the top of the pile’ their data received by us; reason is, this data typically has a higher conversion as the prospects have already been exposed to your brand and have an interest in your service.

Profiling and contacting (email)
We’ve got a great article on #contact hacks and how to find a companies email addresses. When people hear of and how much value it can deliver, the only limitation is their ability to profile and contact the companies visiting. Cold calling isn’t for everyone; and it certainly isn’t required for everyone!

Gathering companies visiting your website and then sending an email address to the appropriate person in their organisation is extremely powerful. In large, it is more efficient than calling the prospect and is a great proactive way to introduce your services.

Profiling and contacting (Linkedin)
For all you Linkedin gurus, this is for you. Using our simple yet powerful Linkedin feature allows you to search the company that’s visited your website on Linkedin. Once you’ve done this you then have access to the employees, information on the company and other key data that empowers you to directly contact and prospect your business on this platform.

Sending out your brochure
We found this one a genius idea when we heard what our customers were doing… for those where calling and emailing were not appropriate, customers in certain industries were sending their catalogue brochures out to the head office of the company that had visited their website.

… so, from the end customers perspective, imaging visiting a website that you’re interested, and then without contacting them, you receive their brochure on your doorstep the next day. Beautiful.

Tracking and monitoring advertising spend is a great way to keep an eye on the return on your advertising spend. Specific campaigns such as tracking the companies that have visited a landing page on your website proves extremely useful. We even have had one client using to make their corporate golf day more successful.

Sound strange? Well, that’s what we thought until they told us how. Using, our customer delivered a marketing campaign to a landing page/sign up page on their website to promote sign ups for their corporate golf day. Using the data gathered they were able to identify the companies landing on the website and then a quick call and introduction to close their attendance. Voilà!

Simply keeping an eye on companies
Whether it’s tracking your competition, suppliers or other companies visiting it’s an educational and influential process for your organisation.

Some companies choose to monitor this on a real-time basis and others run in the background and receive weekly or monthly updates to monitor the company traffic to their website. It’s an important step and an extremely popular one.


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