Small B2B tweaks can make a big difference for 2015

Last updated: 2019-04-15

As a B2B practitioner, it’s not an easy feat nurturing business from a completely cold starting block into a customer. Amongst shere commitment, 

B2B requires research into your customers, structured marketing strategies and careful deployment of your overall sales and marketing mix to turn B2B prospects into happy customers. 

As a keen B2B sales and marketing man, I’ve picked up a lot over the years on quick wins to improve your B2B closing. I work with 100’s of prospects a week nurturing and courting them into customers –  it’s important to go further than that and maintain them after they sign on the dotted line and ensure they remain happy, content customers of our product. For me that’s the most rewarding part, knowing that the sales approach and information leading to the sale has been accurate, engaging and therefore is reflected by their retention as a customer after the sales funnel process. 

Here’s a few tips I’ve learn’t whilst juggling our range of B2B business sectors:

1. Customers always have options! It’s a cold hard fact – customers will always have a choice on which supplier to use across various facets of their business. Product, integrity and a very genuine and through understanding of a prospects business is key. I make every effort to genuinely understand their business which in turn enables me to qualify whether our product has a true fit to their company. In some cases it simply doesn’t which is why it’s important we’re honest operate with absolute integrity. It only bites you in the a*$e later down the line. 

2. Give customers time. We spend so long rushing sales to meet our own agendas that we overlook the internal plans and procedures our clients have. Again, understand your prospect and do everything you can to work to their timescales and internal companies procedures to close your sale. Stay in contact and be sure to support them through the ever changing needs of their company and be there when they’re ready! 

3. Don’t say something you cannot follow through on. Going back to my point on integrity, it’s imperative to only promise what you can deliver. This spans across product, service delivery and price. 

4. Support your customer. It’s a simple but sometimes overlooked requirement. You never know what’s around the corner after your customer becomes a customer. How much work is there further monetising your existing customers than it is starting from scratch on a completely cold lead. 

5. Qualify, qualify, qualify – does the boot fit? This point touches a little on some of my above points however you’ve got be sure your product fits your customer. There’s a load of metrics that quantify this but key ones are product, price and ability to meet any customisations or advancements they may have as their company adapts.

Good luck to all for 2015. If you need me why not grab me on Twitter? @Jakeisvisiting


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