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Last updated: 2019-02-27

My job as the Product Development Manager means I get to watch our product develop and grow all the time. With these developments and ongoing improvements, I get to be at the forefront and see what ways can be used. I will share with you my top 5 tips to getting the most out of whoisvisiting.

One thing I get to see when I look on customers accounts is that they do not make full use of the Categories option. If you have a sales team that you have invited into the dashboard, you can set up categories of their names and then assign leads to them by adding them to that category.

We have 4 categories that we use here. We have; Competition: This is where we put our competitors. Here we can quickly see what the frequency of their visits are. ISP's: We put the Internet Service Providers (ISP's) that we want to confirm and remove here. Existing Customers: We put companies that we have already done business with in this category. When we get our CSV at the end of the week we can then filter these out and know that we are not chasing these up again at a quick glance. Leads: Visitors that have a high rating or have visited more than once will be placed in the leads category. We can then identify them on the CSV and know that we will have a good chance converting them. Too many customers treat like the gym after xmas.

They use it for a couple of weeks and then forget they have the membership and stop using it. We are here to help, just like the gym, but with the added bonus that we help you earn more money! Something we all want! We don't expect every one of our customers to log in every day but setting up a report of your visitors, either daily or weekly, will keep you in the loop and keep the leads at your fingertips. Simply log in to your dashboard and make sure your reports are set up. Your account managers are like the Wikipedia of They have been trained and stuffed with knowledge (mainly by me and Jake) and are able to offer you any assistance or advice you may need. They are free to use and you can call upon them day or night. They can run through a demo with you if you haven't had one already and they can show you around the dashboard and the way we use Book a demo here or by clicking below. SPEND 15 MINUTES WITH US. WE PROMISE IT WILL BE WORTH IT! offers you a lot more than meets the eye. We tell you what companies are visiting your site and because of this, most people will assume that this is so you can sell to those companies. In the larger picture, you would be right. What I would ask you is this. Why else would you want to know who is visiting your website? I'd like to look at my visitors to see how my SEO and advertising is doing. If I am getting a lot of ISP (internet service providers) visiting me and not a lot of companies or the wrong type of company then I would know that I needed to change something. Knowing what company is visiting you gives you really good insight into your marketing as you can see the industry they are in. We also use it to see how often our competition visit us. If they visit us more and more then we know we are doing something right! If you keep up with the real time alerts and reports that we send you, you will be able to proactively contact visitors while they are browsing.

They will be on your website for a reason. Maybe you have the product or service they need. However, as the statists prove, 98% of people who land on your website do not make an enquiry. What we are giving you is the option to "greet" your visitor as they are walking around your shop. Maybe they can't find what they need and don't want to fill in a long contact form to find out. We find here that contacting the visitor as quickly as possible (not too quick however as it can be a bit scary!) gives us a chance to have a conversation and potentially tender for their business or at least set up a demo and a potential sale down the road. We wont teach you to suck eggs here but we will try and make sure you are a master of and keep you updated with all the tools and methods available to you.ave you given you my 5 top tips for using Nothing is laborious and if you really need assistance check out 


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