Website Visitor Tracking And Google Analytics

Last updated: 2019-02-04

Providing one of the most competitive Website Visitor Tracking Software products on the market, it is very often during the sales process that we experience the question -

"Why do I need a B2B website visitor tracking software when I can access Google Analytics?"

The primary reason being is that Google Analytic's standard platform is completely free of charge. Therefore it is a perfectly suitable query to have. Why would you pay money for a service which you can get for free? You wouldn't. The reason Google Analytics is free is because it isn't a B2B IP Tracking system and the two have many differences. The main one being the identification of businesses on your website, which can be used for direct lead generation purposes and sales prospecting. Although there are areas where Website Visitor Tracking and Google Analytics will overlap in terms of website traffic tracking, they do specialise in different aspects, overall.

Google Analytics -

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Google Analytics is a tool which will track your anonymous website traffic. The platform will give you access to a wide range of analytical features and you can view your data in numerous reporting styles -

  • Real-time
  • Audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour
  • Conversions

Further to this, it will give you key metrics from each area. There are endless customisable options available with Google Analytics to track everything which is happening on your site. All of the activity, where it is coming from, where it is going and how long it is staying. It is a Swiss Army Knife for analytics, with detailed functionality.

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However, it is a complex system and unless you have spent a significantly large amount of time learning the ins and outs of Google Analytics, it can be quite overwhelming to explore the platform to its greatest potential. But in any form, it is an amazingly valuable information source.

Website Visitor Tracking -

Business IP tracking is a specific software for Website Visitor Identification and more specifically company recognition. The tool compounds the key analytics and metrics of website visits and channels them towards a sales mentality and outreach.

Website Visitor Tracking is about extending the value of your site hits into tangible sales opportunities. It is a software for productivity and seamless transition from your visitor dashboard into a follow-up opportunity with the click of a button.

It is data analytics applied to sales intentions, optimised for business information, bringing the visits to life with physical and transparent value. Website Visitor Tracking allows you to be proactive with your traffic, learn about the inbound industries, as well as locations, for marketing relevance. Visualising the performance of your marketing campaigns but increasing the opportunity of conversion with follow-up potential.

Most importantly, providing you with the chance to communicate with a business, in full knowledge that someone at that company has had a legitimate reason to be on your site.

Website Visitor Tracking Features 

Provides many data analytics in easily digestible format -

  • Hits
  • Companies by Channel
  • Companies By Search term
  • Keywords
  • Source
  • New vs Returning Table and Graphic
  • Total on-site time
  • Total Visits
  • Total Page Views
  • Complete Visitor Journey

Website Visitor Tracking Tools For Sales Strategy

  • Triggers
  • Categories
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Social Integration
  • Email
  • Contact Information - Phone Number, Website
  • LinkedIn Plugin of Company

Website visitor tracking is not capable of identifying individuals who have visited your website, just like Google Analytics. If you are looking for a software which does this, then you will be disappointed to learn there is not one as it is illegal and a breach of data protection. Therefore, it is a case of using your initiative with the data you do have and make things happen to discover who from a company has been looking at your site.

Many times it can lead to positive relationships during the adventure to find the exact individual, using due-diligence of logical thought process. Starting with approaching the job titles who you would usually do business with, from the departments who are most likely to be looking at your products and services.

Quantitative V Qualitative 

Website Visitor Tracking is more focused on qualitative data, less quantity but identification of companies allowing a quality substance. Opposed to Google Analytic's quantitative insights which there are far more of, in numerical, anonymous format. Google Analytics has a very broad usage for many businesses and websites which might, or might not, be profit driven. You know you are getting traffic but you can't instruct immediate action to it. You can use the insights from it to prepare for the future of your traffic. Neither of these approaches can be classified as right or wrong - both are hugely useful, but it depends on what your business need is, exactly.


The overriding point is that there is no need to use these tools in isolation. Google Analytics is an extremely valuable tool for businesses. In fact, we use it here ourselves, every single day. We can't stress this enough. Because Website Visitor tracking is not a competitor of Google Analytics. They are to be used in conjunction so that you receive the core benefits which each provides, as a combination. We recommend to absolutely maximise the use of Google Analytics, it is free! But for not a lot of expense, you can be putting real business names to the sometimes ambiguous metrics and create additional leads and follow-up opportunities instantly. Google Analytics is for understanding your traffic and how your website is performing. Website Visitor Tracking will help you identify it and is for assisting sales and instigating activity with subjective data. A combination of both gives you complete marketing and sales functionality.


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