7 Big Data Trends That Could Change The Way You Do Business

Last updated: 2019-02-27

The digital marketing revolution is here and the technologies are advancing quickly. It's no longer enough to just keep up with everyone, you need to get ahead but that's made especially hard with new technologies emerging daily and advertising techniques changing all the time. Staying ahead, however, requires looking forward and seeing what’s next when it comes to technology and advertising and then implementing it in your personal business strategies.

Intelligent machines are becoming more and more capable of learning about human behavior from the data that machines gather upon human interactions. In the future, we will be able to see the increase in data trends which will change the way we do business. Companies will grow at a faster rate and various industries will see a revolution in the way they operate.

Here are some of the most important developments which will change the world of digital marketing:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been a major help to companies in organizing and understanding their data but with the growth of big data, companies are facing big issues with the costs and inefficiency. This created edge computing which could help companies deal with IoT and Big data. In edge computing, you have the big data analysis happening close to IoT devices instead of the cloud which means less data on the network and lower cloud computing costs. This also improves their performance. It also allows companies to delete the data that's only usable for a certain amount of time which in turn, reduces the storage costs and improves the overall infrastructure. It also speeds the process up, allowing the Marketers and decision makers to take action faster.

Open Source Applications

Open Source Applications like Hadoop or Spark are dominating the big data space which will continue on in the following years, based on previous growth which was 32.9 percent per year. Nearly 60 percent of companies are going to have Hadoop clusters by the end of the year. The researchers also state that the use of Hadoop and NoSQL will expand as well together with looking for ways to speed up the data processing. Most companies will need a service which will allow them to access and respond to data in real time.

Data Governance

Data Governance is a formal organizations of people, technologies and processes that allows companies to leverage data as an asset. Since data in its rawest form is virtually without any real value to the companies, it needs to be transformed and put into context that companies can understand and use. This improves the business and reduces the risks.

Bots in Big Data

People - and especially younger people - find it easy and simple to just chat with a bot when having an issue. And truly, it's one of the most comfortable means to communicate with a brand. But the brand can, in turn, also get a lot of data from those conversations.

It can be paired off with natural language processing and gather information on how and what people ask questions, which words they use. This brings improvements both in the bot technology and for companies and their communication with customers.

Voice-based Search


“Since speech recognition improved so much in recent years, companies will be able to use the information gathered through voice search and AI powered services like Alexa, Cortana or Siri. Users are utilizing these devices more and more and companies could tap into that large pool of data on their behavior, issues and similar,” says Veronica Hill, a data blogger from Boom Essays and OX Essays

AI and Machine Learning


Once big data capabilities and uses have increased in recent years, companies began investing in machine learning. This is a branch or artificial intelligence which allows computers to learn new things without being computed to do so. In essence, they use existing big data to come to certain conclusions which will change how the application behaves.

This is one of the top strategic technology trends this year and it's moving beyond the traditional algorithms to create systems that understand, predict and learn through big data and even potentially operate without the human factor.

Data Humanism Through Data Visualization

“A survey concluded that predicted data discovery and data visualization will become a significant trend. Data is not just about understanding the analysis and relationships but also about presenting the data to get deeper insights. Humans process information Visually and compelling visualizations could become the default choice for processing data sets,” says Gordon Flynn, a data manager from Essayroo and Coursework Service.

Big Data Trends To Look Out For

These have been some of the biggest data trends that you should look out for in the upcoming year. In order to be successful, you need to stay ahead and to stay ahead, you need to keep up with technologies available for improving your business.

About the Author:

Grace Carter is a tech writer at Academized and Paper Fellows writing services. She writes about latest trends in engineering, reviews gadgets and blogs about marketing. Also, Grace teaches business writing at Big Assignments educational website.


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