GETTING THE MOST OUT OF ~WHOISVISITING.COM~ - | Who is visiting your website


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We get asked this question a lot. Does provide contact details, people and other key information for the company? 

Our answer is Yes. We identify companies visiting your website, gather insights and report them in real-time to you. We provide the tools to help guide you right through to prospecting the correct person within the company. This includes company name, address, company email, Linked person(s).s

Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of data:

1. Qualify the company
People use products for different reasons. Some for prospecting new business, some for keeping an eye on competition and some are simply wanting to have an insight on their B2B traffic. It’s important to clarify what data you want to make use of and qualify it.

If it’s mainly for new business you need to browse the companies visiting and qualify which ones are potential prospects. How? Research, research, research! Browse their website, search on news articles, review their social campaigns and understand what their company is about (inside-out!)

It may be really easy to understand why they’re visiting you – because their interested in your services. So what next?

2. Find out who!
Luckily you’re one step ahead of a completely cold lead. You’re using and so you’re identifying companies who have visited your website and therefore know your brand and are interested in your services.

Our product identifies key people, email addresses and contact details (including soon to follow social channels!). In some cases this isn’t possible and so the million dollar question is now what do we do?

Establish the company name
Find out the company name (sometimes it’s formatted differently)

Use our Linkedin quick link
Use our Linkedin quick link to search Linkedin for the correct people. Ultimately this comes down to you guys knowing your own company inside-out. Typically establish who the decision maker is you speak to; Marketing Manager, Purchasing Director? Make the most of Linkedin and find the correct contact person.

Find them on Linkedin. Find out their name, contact details and anything else that’s going to help with engagement.

Make contact
There’s a couple of ways you can do this. The easy way – call up their head office and contact them. Alternatively you can contact them directly through Linkedin. 

#Contact hack. Try searching on Google for ‘First name’ [space] @‘

It’s a sneaky trick but 90% of the time you’ll find the persons contact email address in the first few pages of search results. 

3. Form a game plan and stick to it.
Profiling new business really works, especially when you’re starting on the front foot have installed and reporting companies. You do however need to develop a process and stick to it. Below’s a quick snapshot on what I do each day with our product.

– Set up my email alerts in real-time (making use of some of the custom settings
– When a new company lands in my inbox I make a call on whether it looks like a prospect and if so do my research
– I search for the company on Google and in Linkedin and find the correct person I need to speak to
– I use the #contact hack and establish the prospect persons email address
– I schedule some time in once per week and email out an introduction to the company along with our credentials pack

Full disclosure here; I am completely bias as I work for the company, but it really does work. It works because I’ve spent time refining my process and building in as the frontline for identifying new leads. In some cases there’s no further work required and in others there’s a little legwork to drill into the company representative. Either way it works and delivers results for us.

Note the above is a strategy that works for us. We speak to thousands of companies a week and each forms their own process. Our self-confessed expert Jake helps form strategies with our customers so if you’d like a helping hand please do give him or any of our team a shout!