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White Label Website Visitor Tracking Solution For Dapa Marketing

Dapa Marketing Increased Their Revenue By 11% And Improved Client Retention By 5% Using Own-Branded Version Of Whoisvisiting Software

About Dapa Marketing

Dapa Marketing are specialists in Search Engine Optimisation, Website Development and Direct Marketing Campaigns - helping businesses to supercharge their online marketing.

Home to the biggest dedicated SEO team in the UK with proven, first-class and transparent search engine optimisation, Dapa have been excelling with SEO for over a decade. Ranking websites in game-changing positions for business big or small.

New Challenges

Whilst Dapa’s own services are focussed around driving more relevant traffic and increasing conversions, they are always thinking innovatively towards adding significant value and superior service to their client base.

Partnering or using alternative marketing solutions which go hand-in-hand with SEO, PPC and web design.

Dapa were aware of the benefits of Website Visitor Tracking, having used it on their own site for prospecting and insight purposes. Many of their clients were already using an IP Tracking Solution when they came to the agency, whilst others were often enquiring about using Website Visitor Tracking Software to enhance their lead generation and sales potential.


But having to refer their clients and use a third-party was not an ideal situation for managing the whole process as smoothly as they would like. They wanted to be able to control and distribute the filtering of the leads and have it as an in-house revenue stream, fully-attached to their own strong brand identity.

Solution - Dapatrack.IO

This situation was apparent from many of the agencies who were running the Whoisvisiting standard platform and frequently referring clients on. It was a catalyst which brought about a White Label IP Tracking solution. was created and allowed for seamless integration.Providing the flexibility and practicality which was desired for a leading digital agency.

  • A fully-branded website visitor portal
  • Unique domain
  • Flexibility to dictate pricing

Danny Chapman

Owner of Dapa Marketing

“We have been able to add tangible value to our clients without losing control of the relationship. It is a seamless integration which has provided greater authority and diversity to the business.”

30-Day Rolling Client Contract

Being able to roll clients on and off for one-month contracts has been a significant advantage in being able to leverage the most use from our White Label Platform.

We have 21 clients using across multiple packages and custom plans.

We also consistently have new clients in the process of trialing the software for their sites to assess the suitability for IP Tracking Solution.

It offers us complete freedom to dictate the pricing in adapting our offering to clients based on their specific needs:

  • Long-term retainers
  • Monthly Packages
  • Seasonal use or for specific short-term campaigns

Capturing The Missing Leads

Despite the exceptional results we deliver for our clients, we understand the inevitability of interested prospects not always converting.

Website Visitor Tracking acts as a safety net by qualifying genuinely interested businesses for our clients. We can then guide them with an effective follow-up approach, proven to re-instigate the engagement, building a well-rounded lead generation process.

Since adding this extra string to our bow, it has allowed our clients to increase their salessignificantly due to the quality of data.

Unique Selling Point

The added functionality of our own website visitor tracking solution has also been a key factor in securing business of new clients in two ways:

  • We have been able to identify new business opportunities from our own use of the website visit or tracking solution.
  • Further to this, when choosing between ourselves and an alternative agency, the USP of a website visitor tracking tool, with our own domain and branded portal, provides an added value and appealing functionality.


  • Dapa Marketing have increased monthly revenue by 11%
  • Added 8 new clients directly from the influence of
  • Client retention has improved 5% over a 12-month period

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