Taking a personal approach in a non-personal B2B environment

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99% of the time you will not see the two phrases ‘personal approach’ and ‘B2B’ in the same sentence. Traditionally the personal touch has been embraced within the B2C community simply due to the nature of the customer.

Just because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’ does not mean that B2B marketeers can’t reach out to prospects with a personal approach. Think about it, whilst a business has it’s corporate objectives and parameters in which it’s people operate, ultimately it’s the people that guide the decisions and utilise the product.  It is important to present offers in a way which appeals and relates to individuals. 

Here’s a few tips worth ticking off in your strategy for customer acquisition:

#1: Say no to generic targeting. More often than not, businesses will generically market their product to one single database. Yes it’s convenient but it simply does not empower you to reach out personally to your prospects.

The key to this is effective list segmentation. Whilst you may not be able to completely customize for example, an email to every single prospect in your businesses database, what you can do is categorise by key categories.

This means getting your sales and marketing teams together to pre-agree a range of core buying categories for your prospects. This may be the stage along your pipeline, geography, product type, industry type or even more specific combinations of criteria such as prospects who have used alternatives and are now 30 days into their decision making before their current contracts are to be renewed or cancelled. 

The above are examples but hopefully get the point across. When you’ve agreed some genuinely helpful categories you can then take a more personal approach to how you communicate with them, the regularity, tone of voice, even method of communication e.g. text, email etc. 

#2 A quick hint Did you know, over 60% of respondents prefer personalised emails as the method of communication. This means going further than simply changing the name templates in a header. A colleague of mine goes as far as researching the individual, trying to find a public event where the prospect has spoken at and quoting a point that he could relate to.

An extreme approach but imagine receiving a completely personalised email whereby someone has quoted an event you were at and how they related to some of your opinions on xyz. In this extreme the size of the contracts warranted this personal approach but there is a lesson to learn here. 

#3 It’s not just H2H (human to human). Be a personal B2B brand also Like the title suggests, it’s not just your communication that needs to be personal but the wider businesses communications also. Humans by from Humans, fact.

Discover your company’s light-hearted side. Get prospects on board this persona and make their buying decision more than just product, but community, and enjoyment also. 

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