Why is Whoisvisiting such good value? (if we do say so ourselves!)

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It’s a common question we get asked – why is Whoisvisiting.com such an affordable price when compared to like-for-like products such as Visistat, Lead Forensics and Pardot?

Let’s start with the product Generally all products within the industry such as Visistat, Lead Forensics, Pardot (to name an extremely small handful) use something called reverse IP. Reverse IP is what enables these companies (including ours) to check what companies are visiting your website – some companies build on this relatively simply service by including CRM, automation tools, and other technical integrations and others simply reverse IP. An important note: this information is generally publicly accessible.

There are levels and various database management techniques will improve the integrity of the data but generally this is a simple enough process.

So why do companies charge so much? IP tracking software is a relatively embryonic industry. Whilst there are a number of companies performing extremely well, the majority of companies globally are unaware of how to utilise the technology and most importantly how to utilise to further monetise their operations. With lack of knowledge inherently comes inflated prices, increased margins for companies and superficially high prices. It’s a harsh fact, but credit where due in as far as companies will charge what they can whilst product is scarce and not widely available.

How are companies adding value outside of reverse IP to justify higher prices Typically companies have built their business models on high staff overheads, manual intervention on data and capitalising on the embryonic nature of the industry and consumer. This does not need to be the case.

How are we different? Whoisvisiting.com is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business. Our aim to make our product universally accessible irrelevant of size or type of company. Where we differ is being smart with our technology and building a true online model which is automated and does not rely on significant staffing, marketing or other operationally led costs. This mindset which is core to our business is passed onto you in the form of affordable, consistent and scalable pricing. It’s important to note, we reach out to the mass market providing the raw data to our customers. This enables our customers to filter through various companies and cherry-pick themselves the suitable, useful and lucrative business leads. We’re fondly viewed as Pardot, HubSpot Prospects and Lead Forensics alternatives. Our process is simple; our goal is to improve the simplicity and make it easier for you to use and access information. This is at the heart of what we do.

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