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Cheaper than A1Webstats

A1 Webstats Competitors

You have searched for competitors to A1Webstats and you have landed here. We like that.  

Whoisvisiting, like A1Webstats, are a Website Visitor Analytics Tool. We wouldn’t say we identify “leads” because they are not leads. However, we can help you turn your website visitors into leads.

A1Webstats Competitors: What is the difference?

A1Webstats offer month–to-month rolling and upfront payment options. Whoisvisiting offer upfront payments and rolling sunscriptions, all on a 12 month basis.

A1Webstats charge by page views. You can get up to 10,000 page views a month on their £49 package. If you are a customer with decent traffic and these visitors visit 5 pages each (which isn’t impossible as an average, considering most visitors with interest return) then you will be over the threshold once you hit 2000 visitors.

Whoisvisiting charge by unique visitors. You can have 2000 unique visitors who have visited 100 pages each and you will almost certainly be on a cheaper product than A1Webstats top package.  We have many switchers come to us for our competitive pricing but ultimately the ease of use of our dashboard and quality of data is what drives them to sign up and use us. 

A1Webstats also provide clarity on every visit. First and foremost, they are an analytics tool before a business tracking tool. Their mantra is to provide you with more information and provide it more clearly than Google Analytics does. They may not be able to identify every visit as a company (nobody can) but they do tell you that someone visited your site and at what time regardless if it is a business or not.

Whoisvisiting work slightly differently. Feedback from our own customers has told us that they only want to see actionable data. We work tirelessly to filter out anything that cannot be worked by our customers and turned into a potential customer. We have teams that analyse data and filter out Internet Service Providers and we continue to work like this to ensure your dashboard is full of data that can help you increase your ROI.

A1Webstats Competitors: What are Whoisvisiting’s strengths?

Whoisvisiting invest a lot of time and money into our global database. We have dedicated staff that analyse the data every day and look for areas in which we can improve the logic and provide our customers with the most accurate and actionable data.  We also have teams who sift through millions of lines of data removing Internet Service Providers leaving only companies on your dashboard.  We are also very hands on with every customer that signs up. We want to help you make as much money as possible. To do this we will give you your own Account Manager and they will show you tips and tricks that we use ourselves (of course we use our own software) and we will show you ways to speak to the most relevant person in each business.

We don’t want people to think about how much money you need to spend on this service. While we are still one of the cheapest out there our focus is to help you think about how much money you make from using this service.


What do you get?

Free Trial

A1Webstats – 30 Day free trial.

Whoisvisiting – 14 Day free trial.

Base Cost

A1Webstats – from £49 per month

Whoisvisiting – from £19 a month

Extras from Whoisvisiting

Whoisvisiting will provide you with your own account manager who will offer:

  • Tips and tricks on finding relevant decision makers.
  • An in-depth overview of your own account.
  • A customised presentation of your own data and ways in which you can maximise ROI.
  • Anytime, daily support via email direct to your account manager or through the help centre and one to one support whenever required.

A1Webstats Competitors: Why don’t you offer a trial as long as A1Webstats?

A1Webstats give you a whole month to trial their service but we think that you can collect enough data in our two-week trial to be able to make an educated decision. If you need a month to obtain actionable leads then you may end up spending far more on the service than you will get back in ROI.  

Even if you collect very little data you will more than likely fall into our lowest price bracket of £19 a month, which is extremely affordable to all small and growing businesses.

We are truly a company that care about our customers and our product. We are always evolving and making our product better. We service many thousands of clients who use our products, from Small Agencies through to hide corporations!