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Let us be clear…

We are not here to criticise the functionality of the Lead Forensics product.

Hi everyone, I’m Ant – I lead growth at Whois. 👋

Today, I will be explaining a little more about Lead Forensics. Here goes.

Lead Forensics provide an extremely valuable & successful solution with a strong Lead Generation service. We are simply looking to outline the differences between ourselves and Lead Forensics in terms of approach, values, functionalities, data, pricing, service and long-term direction. This is in order to allow businesses to make an informed decision on which will be the most relevant option for their own model, with complete transparency. Here’s what you may be thinking.

Ant Musker, Growth Team.
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Please reach out any time with further questions about Lead Forensics or have more insights that we can openly share. 

Recognize any of these?

“I am spending too much and not getting value for money.”

“I don’t actually get access to the system until you pay.”

“I am in a contract or nearing the end and looking for an alternative.”

“I am currently being hard sold to and don’t like it.”

These are common themes that resonate throughout the industry when talking about Lead Forensics. Below, I want to explain what sets us apart.

Lead Forensics Comparison

Looking for an alternative to Lead Forensics?
You are in the right place.

How are Whois Visiting different from Lead Forensics?

We educate our clients to identify more website visitors with effective marketing campaigns.
We ensure every dashboard is configured to suit your specific requirements as a business – no one size fits all. We provide on-going support to maximise the potential of this data in terms of direct selling or integrations. Our aim is to provide a complete data experience – Join our ambitious Data Vision.

Does Lead Forensics have a higher identification rate?

No. There is not a direct correlation between the amount of money you spend on website visitor tracking, and the quantity of website visitors you will identify. Identification rate is a constant. Therefore, it is actually the process of putting more money and intelligent efforts into research, marketing and advertising campaigns which will impact the traffic numbers on your website, consequently creating more potential identifications.

Can we compare our Lead Forensics data with Whois Data?

We would encourage you to do so. In fact, please do not commit to any agreements until you have done so. It is highly-recommended that you run a Free Trial side-by-side to give the clearest indication of experience, functionality and data quality. Contact us to arrange a data comparison session.

Why are Lead Forensics more expensive?

Founded in 2009, Lead Forensics could dictate the cost of their product because there was no competition providing alternative value or functionalities. Whois has now delivered the market with an equally as (if not more) effective system, at a sustainable cost, with an ambitious data vision. We are more than just a website visitor tracking software.

Why don’t Lead Forensics provide a full-access trial?

We can’t answer specifically and it is a question for Lead Forensics themselves to clarify. It is their own sales process and their choice to control your experience with their software until a payment has been processed. From our perspective, the aim is to be as transparent as possible to allow your business to make an educated decision based on the value of the data we provide during the 14-day period.

What is your average cost-per business identified?

Whois Visiting provides a fantastic return from your investment in the software and the lowest cost-per business identified compared to similar tools. We average at 0.30p per business identified – depending on your plan, compared to x4 with Lead Forensics.

We are a better tool.

Similar tools, better ROI and a more ambitious vision.


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Three more reasons

to choose Whois vs Lead Forensics

1. Return on investment

We want to develop together in a mutually beneficial relationship. The more value your business can get from the tool, the more likely you are to continue to grow simultaneously with us across the B2B industry. We have removed the barrier to entry for accessing website visitor tracking and our pricing, alongside education, allows for an amazing Return on investment month-after-month.

2. More transparent and flexible

We are fully transparent in our offering and services. Full access free trial, clear pricing plans, flexibility in helping you maximise the potential of this powerful data.

3. Better service and more education

From code installation to closing yet another deal. We are here to assist and support in any way we can to maximise your experience using Whois. We intend to be a fundamental part of the journey in growing your business revenue with additional prospects and follow-up.

Lead Forensics alternatives


Until recently Leadfeeder were a Google Analytics plug-in with appealing integrations. Since switching to a tracking code solution, we can’t comment on the strength of their data without qualifying more comparisons.

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Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue is another example of a practical and effective insight platform for business visitors. Run Whois Data alongside Visitor Queue to establish which platform is the most effective for your business.

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We pride ourselves on the quality of our data and the process we are creating around maximising the potential of it. Run Whois Data alongside Albacross to establish which platform is the most effective for your business.

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Some of the friendly faces

in the Whois team.

Nick Timms, Founder.

A serial startup Entrepreneur and Founder @ Whois, Nick continues to advise the company in all things SaaS.

Jake Hughes, Sales Director.

Jake leads by example in showcasing the value he has found from Whois Visiting and helping businesses to grow with additional sales each month.

James Pluck, Product Manager.

With an intensive passion for SaaS and data – James is leading the Whois Data vision and implementing new innovations.

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