#1 Lead Forensics Alternative | Whoisvisiting is the cheaper alternative


So you want an alternative to Lead Forensics right? Guess what? You’ve landed in the right place.


  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Full Access To Your Dashboard
  • From £29 Per Month
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  • From £29 Per Month
  • Dashboard Access During Free Trial
  • Ongoing Support During Trial
  • Ongoing Support
  • From £250 Per Month
  • PDF At The End Of Trial
  • Lack Of Support
  • Push Sale Throughout Trial


The biggest difference is our sales & marketing costs. We work on inbound marketing and Lead Forensics work on cold calling. Cold calling is a very large cost to a business, and this needs to be recovered. Also in a new industry, prices start high and Lead Forensics charge a high price.


Something about this section.

  • You are spending too much and not getting vale for money?
  • You are in a contract or nearing the end and are looking around for an alternative? (Don't forget to cancel in time so you don't roll into another year)
  • You are currently being hard sold and don't like it?
  • You don't actually get access to the system until you pay?

This business tracking and analytics industry is a rapidly emerging one; specifically the usage of software to identify companies visiting your website.

Are these actually LEADS? The short answer is NO. They are website visitors. You have to ask yourself what insights this data will actually give you. As such is the price of this data, and the time and effort that goes into using this all need to be factored in.

We have a very similar product as Lead Forensics. There are subtle differences, but the biggest difference is the price.

Free Trial

Our free trial will grant you full access to the system and all functionalities, allowing you to work with the tool as you please and see live website visitors from day one. You will be fully assisted in finding your way around the tool by your allocated account manager who will make sure you get the maximum opportunities from the tool for your needs.

Data Comparison

At Whoisvisiting.com, we are perfectly happy to allow comparisons of our results as we are confident that our findings are as competitive as all available alternatives on the market. This is the nature of the tool.


As before-mentioned, we are here for the long-term and not for a quick payment purpose. We want to build a relationship with our clients, adapt the tool to your specific requirements, assist your needs, and see you grow with us. It is a partnership. We want to see companies benefitting from our service to identify new opportunities, new markets, leads, sales and ultimately, growth.

Whoisvisiting.com is not simply a Lead Generation tool

Yes, lead generation is a huge aspect of the platform. Being able to identify website visitors who can become potential business prospects, BUT, there is a lot more to this software.

Essentially, not only are you gaining access to that ability to enhance the productivity for your sales team, but for marketing purposes, you are receiving invaluable data as to the success of current campaigns and the planning and implementation of future ones.

Referrals, campaigns, paid adverts, social channels, industries and location are all tracked and are factors which can be monitored, extracted and collaborated, allowing you to collaborate the inbound data to create the optimum marketing improvements.

Why not compare it for yourself?

As the most established of the Lead Forensics alternatives, we can only suggest that you sign up and begin your full access to a 14-day free trial where you will be supported the whole way to ensure that you can maximise the potential of your experience.

This includes customising the platform for your exact business requirements, treating each individual business with the personal approach they deserve and require in order to allow optimal use of all functionalities, data extractions and follow-up opportunities.

You will then be in the strongest position to fully qualify the value of the tool and data against Lead Forensics data. Then, taking into account the price-per-potential-lead you can establish which will be the most suitable Return On Your Investment, longer-term.

Lead Forensics will argue that “you get what you pay for”, however, what your thoughts should be are, how can I ensure I maximise my potential, get exactly what it is I want from the tool, minimise opportunity costs and produce the best return on my overall expenditure.


Here is what our customers say about us

"This tool has changed the way or sales team obtain leads. We are getting leads which are warm and easily actionable daily. It is like owning a shop and having the ability to say hi to all of my potential customers."
Nikolas Venios - Director - Beaf
"Being able to see who has visited my website has increased business four-fold. This is the best £69 a month I have spent on a business tool!"
Danny Chapman - Director - Reloaded