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“Using Whoisvisiting on a daily basis really has changed our marketing focus. We were a bit sceptical at first but the return on investment we are making is amazing. Our full annual subscription was paid for within three months!”

- Karl Clarke - Director - BMT Promotions

Lead Forensics Alternatives

So you want an alternative to Lead Forensics right? Guess what? You’ve landed in the right place.

So what’s the problem?

  • - You are spending too much and not getting value for money?
  • - You are in a contract or nearing the end and are looking around for an alternative? (Don’t forget to cancel in time so you dont roll into another year)
  • - You are currently being hard sold and don’t like it?
  • - You don’t actually get access to the system until you pay?

This business tracking and analytics industry is a rapidly emerging one; specifically the usage of software to identify companies visiting your website.

Are these actually LEADS? The short answer is NO. They are website visitors. You have to ask yourself what insights this data will actually give you. As such, the price of this data, and the time and effort that goes into using this data needs to be factored in.

We have a very similar product as Lead Forensics. There are subtle differences, but the biggest difference is the price.

What are our prices?

Why the difference in price? The biggest difference is our sales & marketing costs. We work on inbound marketing and Lead Forensics work on cold calling. Cold calling is a very large cost to a business, and this needs to be recovered. Also in a new industry, prices start high and Lead Forensics charge a high price.

We know our product works, our customers who have switched from Lead Forensics tell us so every single day. We are not only a Lead Forensics alternative, but one that delivers at a fraction of the cost.

We really appeal to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that cannot afford Lead Forensics prices. That said, we also have many blue chip companies with significant visitors.

With the changing landscape, B2B companies are in need of guidance on suitable tools to use in identifying companies that have visited your website. It’s important to make a clear and informed decision on which software best suits your needs as a B2B company, drawing comparison on companies such as Lead Forensics and potential Lead Forensics alternatives such as Whoisvisiting.


Trial Length

Lead Forensics: 7 day limited access trial with a PDF of visitors

Whoisvisiting: 14 day full trial with access to control panel

Base Cost

Lead Forensics: from £250 per month

Whoisvisiting: from £29 / $49 per month

Extras from Whoisvisiting

Whoisvisiting will provide you with your own account manager who will offer:

  • Tips and tricks on finding relevant decision makers.
  • An in-depth overview of your own account.
  • A customised presentation of your own data and ways in which you can maximise ROI.

Typically Lead Forensics focus on large companies due to the cost of the product. They offer a comprehensive service for lead generation and purely identify the company visitors that land on the website.

Unfortunately, some of the price points are prohibitive to users being able to use this service.

Whoisvisiting enables a number of these businesses to make use of the tools without the prohibitive price points.

Starting at £29 per month enables users to see a more immediate benefit to the business tracking software with much less financial risk.

Whether you are just discovering the benefits of B2B tracking or are looking to switch from your current provider then you will want to know what Whoisvisiting can offer you in comparison to Lead Forensics.

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Here is what our customers say about us

This tool has changed the way our sales team obtains leads. We are getting leads which are warm and easily actionable daily. It is like owning a shop and having the ability to say hi to all of my potential customers.

- Nikolas Venios - Director - Beaf

Being able to see who has visited my website has increased business four-fold. This is the best £69 a month I have spent on a business tool!

- Danny Chapman - Director - Reloaded