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#1 Lead Forensics Alternative

One of the best known and most recognisable companies in the IP and website visitor tracking industry is Lead Forensics.

You may have come into contact with Lead Forensics, through their free trial offering, or have been contracted to their services in the past.

For some businesses, the Lead Forensics system and service provides appropriate needs and allows for sales and marketing productivity going forward, along with a successful return on investment.

Other businesses have possibly had alternative, less successful experiences with Lead Forensics, as a sustainable solution for their website visitor tracking, analytical or lead generation demands.

Let us be clear. We are not here to knock the functionality of the Lead Forensics product. It is an extremely useful software in its own right - as is Whoisvisiting.

We are just simply looking to outline the differences between ourselves and Lead Forensics in terms of approach, values, functionalities, pricing, service and direction.

This is in order to allow the businesses interested in tracking tools to make an informed decision on which will be the most relevant B2B sales and marketing software option for their own business model with complete transparency.

Lead Forensics Reviews

To gather some further context and clearer understanding, let us take a look at a sample of the online reviews of Lead Forensics. This is so we can greater familiarise ourselves with customers who have:

  • Made contact with, or have been contacted by the Lead Forensics sales team
  • Trialed the Lead Forensics platform
  • Or longer-term used/subscribed to Lead Forensics

Here are a collection of Lead Forensics reviews discovered on the Internet. These have varying Lead Forensics product and service analysis:

"I have notified Lead Forensics that I am not interested in their 'services' but still get constant spam from various email addresses."- Paul Eyres

Lead Forensics review 1

It is only natural for a business to market themselves through various channels. One channel that has proved effective time and time again is email. However, an email does not necessarily become spam until it is digested and regarded as irrelevant to the target.

Once a customer has denied the business access to further communication, they should be respected in its entirety. If they have unsubscribed, the address must be removed from the business’ outbound database.

Whoisvisiting takes an alternative mindset with regards to acquiring custom. Our focus is on inbound marketing and making ourselves easier to find by people who are attracted and interested in the services we provide.

We know that the ‘hard sell’ only leads to a high churn percentage and a lot of wasted effort by the Whoisvisiting sales representatives - effort that could be dedicated to educating those with genuine interest and requirement for website visitor tracking software.

"They just don't stop badgering you."- James

lead forensics review 2

Whoisvisiting’s focus on customer retention is equally as important as gaining new clients. That is because we are looking to build long-term relationships and we see little value in chasing people who actually aren’t interested in the service once they have had full access.

All we aim to do is give you the platform to utilise the tool in its full functionality. We will allow your business decision-making team to decide if our data quality and analytical features will add value to your sales and marketing departments.

Furthermore, we are happy to assist any business in the direction of follow-up and outreach, or use of data, for those who would like a helping hand or a kick-start to boost their B2B lead generation.

"Zach Golden is a great partner."- Bryan Cates

lead forensics review 3

We are pleased that companies are finding a use for lead generation software. Zach, in this example,  is delivering the level of service we would normally expect as a minimum requirement.

We have a team of knowledgeable, well-trained sales representatives who are more than happy to help you through each step of the process. This may include:

The team are also willing to help guide you through the use of the tool for your specific industry, based on feedback from previous users and similar clients. They will be able to advise you on how others have maximised the potential of the tool and the data.

"This tool is instrumental in getting the most into our sales funnel."- Sergio Ruffolo

lead forensics review 4

IP tracking services are an excellent way of progressing business opportunities and understanding the traffic you are receiving. This information can be recycled into new marketing campaigns with intensified focus.

IP Tracking software, as Sergio has confirmed here, is a very useful business development option. Moreover, if you are able to see a reasonable profit margin on Lead Forensics price plans, then there is further potential to maximise the return on investment with Whoisvisiting.

"These people think that companies sign contracts for few thousand $ in 2 minutes. And LIE!"- John

lead forensics review 5

The issue outlined here is one which is apparent with many hard selling orientated businesses. As a developing organisation ourselves, we have a good idea of company politics and workflows.

To tailor ourselves to your business needs, our sales team is trained in patience and understanding of realistic business circumstances and budgets.

We are fully aware that it is not as simple as 1,2,3, to conclude a deal. Therefore we will provide all of the necessary answers to your questions and leave the ball in your court to finalise a conclusion.

Although follow-up is inevitable to prioritise the workload and capacity from our side, we are not in any way shape or form looking to twist an arm into a sale with a strict deadline or hard sell mentality.

"No free trial. Data has issues. Poor service and sales process."- Jaakko Maakko

lead forensics review 6

Where as the Lead Forensics Free Trial restricts your access to the dashboard and data Whoisvisiting has always ensured to provide a completely transparent experience for theentire Free Trial duration.

This leads back to the ultimate principle of creating a relationship, not a sale. We firmly believe that If there is a lack of clarity in the transition from free trial to full service, then it is only going to reflect negatively and create an issue longer-term.

By having natural self-belief in our system, against the Lead Forensics tool,  we will leave you to make the comparative decision. Also, we will make sure that you are in the best position to do so and aware of all that is needed to be communicated.

Ultimately, we can only say so much. You can always, of course, run a trial of the systems alongside one another, take into account the Whoisvisiting and Lead Forensics subscription and then decide which is more suitable for your company needs.

"Signed up but about to waste £4000 in the next year ahead!"- Alex Smith

lead forensics review 7

From the feedback we have received, we are aware that one of the major stumbling points with businesses subscribing to the Lead Forensics Package, is the Lead Forensics cost.

Depending on the profit margin of your product or service, it could take 1-10 sales to cover the expenditure of website visitor tracking.

But we strongly believe that the purpose of IP Tracking software is to create a logical option for a sensible return on investment - and not to spend the whole month trying to simply break even on your lead generation software!

The price of Lead Forensics does not offer sustainability for many business models with lower sales volume or less profit margin.

Lead Forensics Alternatives

If you are looking for an alternative to Lead Forensics, then you have arrived at the correct place.

The reason you are looking for a website visitor tracking software to implement in place of Lead Forensics could be down to a large number of factors.

  • You are spending too much and not getting value for money?
  • You are in a contract or nearing the end and looking for an alternative?
  • You are currently being hard sold to and don't like it?
  • You don't actually get access to the system until you pay?

Rather than paying extortionate prices for the Lead Forensics software, you will be pleased to hear that there are more reasonably priced, quality alternative solutions available.

Features Comparison Table


Lead Forensics Review Card


  • Significantly cheaper than Lead Forensics
  • Quality, reliable data
  • Clean dashboard experience and usability
  • Full 14 day free trial access
  • Ongoing support
  • 12-month subscription
  • No historical data available

  • Installation - Stand alone tracking code
  • Data quality - Strong data sourcing potential (15 - 20 % identification)
  • Integrations - Zoho; Salesforce; Microsoft Dynamics
  • Functionalities - Identify anonymous website visitors; trigger reporting; pipeline management; mobile application; upload ‘dream list’


Pricing structure based on information from Whoisvisiting Free Trialist -

  • Quality, reliable data
  • Unsustainable pricing plan
  • No full access free trial period
  • Doesn’t integrate with Zapier
Lead Forensics is a reputable company with a strong Lead Generation service.

They provide a very competitive data option. Their downfalls exist in their hard selling methods, alongside their lack of transparency and vastly expensive price packages.

  • Installation - Google Analytics plugin
  • Data quality - Restricted by Google Analytics data sources (8 - 15 % identification)
  • Integrations - Pipedrive; Mailchimp; SalesForce; Zoho; webCRM
  • Functionalities - Identify visitors; automatic lead scoring; email alerts; send to CRM


  • Cheaper than Lead Forensics
  • Easy to install
  • Historical lead data
  • Full free trial access
  • More expensive than Whoisvisiting
  • Limited data from Google Analytics
  • Less filtered for direct sales purposes
  • Doesn’t integrate with Zapier
  • No real-time alert functionality

Leadfeeder is a tool which offers businesses excellent convenience for website visitor tracking. It is easy to install and integrate with your current working environment and provides a seamless dashboard experience.

However, for the end goal of best quality data and cleanness of genuine opportunities, Leadfeeder lacks the complexity to equip you with the complete package.

  • Installation - Google Analytics plugin
  • Data quality - Restricted by Google Analytics data sources (8 - 15 % identification)
  • Integrations - Pipedrive; Insightly; Salesflare; Zoho; Zapier
  • Functionalities - Identify website visitors; real-time alerts; robust filtering system; detailed reports; export to your favourite CRM tool


  • Cheaper than Lead Forensics
  • 30 Day Pro Trial
  • Pay as you go
  • Easy to install
  • Limited data from Google Analytics
  • Less filtered for direct sales purposes

Leadberry is another example of a practical and effective insight platform for business visitors.It is mostly appropriate for short term interests,not those who are looking to use website visitor tracking on a serious scale in order to have a long term impact on their lead generation and marketing efforts.

Tracking Code vs Google Analytics Plugin

When researching new software, you may have come across two types of website visitor tracking systems available to choose from on the market.

Essentially, both offer the same service but in different ways, which ultimately impacts on their capabilities and data output dramatically.

Stand Alone Tracking Code

This is a stand-alone specialised service. It is a unique code created for installation on your website’s back end, specifically designed to identify businesses and filter ISPs.

Website visitor tracking companies will ask you to place a code on the header or footer of your website and allow it to begin collecting the necessary data from then onwards.


Stand alone tracking codes work by identifying the IP address of the visitor on your website. This allows for multiple lookups types, giving the company more than one way to identify the company that is visiting your website.

These lookups can be a reverse DNS or Whois Lookup. Because stand-alone tracking codes have the exact IP address it means the returned results are more accurate and allows additional logic to be applied for a greater identification rate.

For example, by doing a Whois lookup, an IP address may return the company name of the website as “Microsoft”. If you were using a Google Analytics plugin this is the result you would see in your dashboard. But with a stand-alone tracking code, we have the exact Whois Lookup record. Afterwards, we can identify that is actually your local IT company visiting your website.


Google Analytics Plug-In

Google Analytics plug-in tools are easier to integrate and in the short term appears to be a more convenient option. All you have to do is sign up and integrate the application with your Google Analytics account.

You will also receive access to days of historical data, providing you have had the Google Analytics tool running on your site over that time.

This is a more generic option. An extended tool is offered from within the Google Analytics platform, using the Google Analytics data and pulling what can be identified from that source.


  • Historic data access
  • Easier to install


  • Worse identification rate
  • The data you receive is accessible through your Google Analytics account already

Long Term Implications

The overall intention of website visitor tracking is to receive the maximum volume of as-accurate-as-possible business data.This is where the abilities of the Google Analytics (GA) plug-in tools are limited for a number of reasons, and the tracking code options are advantageous.

The data pool of which to collect GA tools from is significantly less and there are major restrictions. Consequently, you are looking at 5-10% more data available from tracking code options. This translates into the tangible data you have to work with and therefore the number of leads you can generate and follow up with.

From a marketing point of view it impacts the scale of audience you can work with. This in turn will better inform you of who to mass-produce your next campaigns to.

Why limit your data access for the sake of the installation of a tracking code? It isa very simple task, be it in Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla or Magneto.

Lead Forensics Price

Why are Lead Forensics so much more expensive?

Lead Forensics are able to charge an extortionate amount of money because they were the first to arrive in the UK market of B2B Lead Generation - website visitor tracking via IP tracking solution.

Founded in 2009, Lead Forensics could dictate the cost of their product because there was no competition providing alternative value or functionalities.

Ultimately, a one company market is a dangerous situation for the consumer. There is the possibility of exploitation and taking advantage of other businesses, by overcharging them with no alternative available of reducing costs.

Whoisvisiting has provided the market with an equally as effective system, at a sustainable cost.

How and Why Do Lead Forensics Continue To Charge So Much?

The Lead Forensics price continues to be much pricier because they have built an authoritative brand over the years.

They will continue to preach that you get what you pay for - but this is proven to be false, deceiving and is purely a phrase of vanity and self-arrogance.

Along with this, Lead Forensics’ own outbound approach and the expense of the scale of their cold calling facilities, intensity and manual costs, raise the prices of their service to a significant level.

When you put it into realistic perspective with a logical context - regardless of a slight differentiation either way of performance of each system, when you take into account the price per lead or company discovered, it is an alarming difference.

Whoisvisiting Pricing

Whoisvisiting has always taken the approach that there is no point having a customer for a short period of time and then leaving. Ultimately we want to develop together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

The more value you get from the tool, the more likely you are to continue to grow simultaneously with us across the B2B industry.

Therefore we want to remove the entry barrier to the world of website visitor tracking. No exclusions, allowing all businesses who are running effective marketing campaigns, and looking to discover information about their website visitors for sales and analytical purposes, to make use of this system.

Price Snapshot: Lead Forensics VS Whoisvisiting


“You Get What You Pay For” - Myth Busted

This is something often presented by Lead Forensics sales representatives, in desperate defence and attempting to justify the cost of their product is that “you get what you pay for”. This is a cliche statement in which this context can’t be supported.

You may have heard such lines as:

  • “Whoisvisiting provide half measures”
  • “Whoisvisiting will give you diluted results”
  • “They are poor copies of Lead Forensics”

These are all completely false statements!

Lead Forensics are selling a false expectation of a magical solution which suggests that if you pay more money for their software you will automatically get more and greater quality of leads.

However, Identification rate is a constant. The variable factor is the marketing output and how you choose to pro-actively follow-up with opportunities.

Therefore it is actually the process of putting more money and intelligent efforts into research, marketing and advertising campaigns which will impact the traffic numbers on your website, consequently creating more potential identifications.

There is no direct correlation between the amount of money you spend on website visitor tracking, and the quantity of website visitors you will receive.

Leads Sourced / £ Monthly

The installation of a code or plug in does not provide your website with a sudden influx of traffic. It is only capable of highlighting the traffic you are already getting (and that is down to your own actions).

So it is not a case of because Whoisvisiting charges is less, we must provide lesser quantity or quality of leads - because the function of how leads are discovered simply doesn't work like that.

Website visitor tracking enhances the potential and arms you with additional tools to discover and act upon new opportunities and insights.

We have implemented the necessary measures across our departments to ensure our data and dashboard are as good, if not better than Lead Forensics. So again, we are not disregarding what Lead Forensics do as a business - it is a very good service, almost as good as our own. It is only that the model they are using is excluding and unsustainable for many companies.