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Looking To Identify Businesses Visiting Your Website?

Introducing Whois – #1 Alternative To CANDDi, Learn Why

Hello everyone, today I will be explaining a little more about CANDDi.

CANDDi provide an extremely valuable & successful solution with a strong Lead Generation service.

We are simply looking to outline the differences between ourselves and CANDDi in terms of approach, values, functionalities, data, pricing, service and long-term direction.

This is in order to allow businesses to make an informed decision on which will be the most relevant option for their own model, with complete transparency.

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About Whois


Our journey began over ten years ago, driven by the mission to build and deliver unique, robust and reliable data tools for effective B2B lead generation and prospecting.

Working to support and bridge the sales and marketing departments of businesses. Creating cohesion through powerful data.

Today, Whois is synonymous with advanced performance and precision, earning the trust of businesses worldwide as a leading website visitor tracking software.


Whois Provides Two Core
Website Visitor Tracking Solutions

14-Day Free Trial. 2 Minute Setup.


Website Visitor Tracking

For Individual Domains

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White Label

Website Visitor Tracking

For Agencies

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CANDDi Comparison

Who Are CANDDi?

Based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Founded in 2009. CANDDi is a software which let’s turn your website visitors into customers by tracking and identifies the people who are visiting your website.

How Does CANDDi Work?

CANDDi is a similar tool to Whois Visiting. Allowing you to identify companies and individuals who visit your website. CANDDi operates using a custom script integration which activates their IP look up process.

How Are Whois Visiting Different From CANDDi?

We educate our clients to identify more website visitors with effective marketing campaigns. We work ensure every dashboard is configured to align with specific business requirements and processes. Providing on-going support at no additional cost, to maximise the potential of your visitor data.

Does CANDDi Have a Higher Identification Rate?

No. Identification rate is variable of many different factors including database, industry, location and intelligent marketing.

Can We Compare CANDDi Data With Whois Data?

We would encourage you to do so. It is highly-recommended that you run a Free Trial side-by-side to give the clearest indication of experience, functionality and data quality.

CANDDi Pricing

CANDDi Offers Four Core Pricing Plans

With Options To Pay Monthly or Annually





£149 / mo + VAT

£279 / mo + VAT

£539 / mo + VAT

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£1490 / year + VAT

£2790 / year + VAT

£5390 / year + VAT

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Whois Pricing

We offer affordable pricing & flexible plans for both our Visiting & White Label products. Designed to maximise ROI. Starting from $49.99 / Month.

No hidden costs or complicated barriers to entry – with various discounts available through our Early Bird deal and via up-front payment or long-term commitment.

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VisitingWhite Label

CANDDi Free Trial

Does CANDDi Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, CANDDi offer a one-month trial, which includes an onboarding session, 30 days full access and support.

Does Whois Offer a Free Trial?

We offer a 14-day, full access Free Trial period. Qualify the value of the software, explore the functionalities and configure your dashboard.

14-Day Free Trial

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CANDDi Alternatives

Website Visitor Tracking Software

Lead Forensics

We are the #1 Alternative to Lead Forensics. Similar tools, better Return On Investment and a more ambitious vision. Learn more and compare each platform for yourself.

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visitor queue alternatives

Visitor Queue

Another example of a practical tool for identifying website visitors. Run Whois alongside Visitor Queue to establish which platform is the most effective for your business.

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Albacross Alternatives


Albacross provide an extremely valuable solution with a strong Lead Generation service. We outline the differences in functionalities, data, pricing and service.

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The Simple Way To Generate Qualified B2B Leads

Target. Identify. Qualify. Convert.


Drive relevant website traffic with targeted marketing campaigns – SEO, Email, Social Media, Paid Advertising.


Identify businesses visiting your website and set up real-time notifications, scheduled reports and trigger alerts.


Filter the noise of your website traffic using conditions to qualify leads based on specific sessions or engagement.


Utilise our prospecting tools combined with contextual insights to accelerate the sales process and secure more deals.

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Common Questions

White Label Software

What Is white label software?

White label software is a product or service developed by a company with rebranding functionality, enabling it to be sold by another company, as if it were their own.

What are the benefits of using Whois white label software?

Using Whois white label software has many benefits for an agency:

  • Save on time, resources and large investment
  • Maintain the direct client relationship
  • Unique service offering
  • Enhances client results from ongoing campaigns
  • A competitive advantage
  • Additional revenue source
  • Increased agency authority & appeal

Will Whois' name be visible anywhere on the agency platform?

The ‘Whois’ branding is absent from all platform aspects. Your client’s will log in to a unique domain, with a fully re-branded portal. All communications are sent from your Agency, with no reference to Whois.

How does the billing work?

Agency plans are billed via monthly subscription cost, or upfront annual discounted rate.

Additional clients are then added to the billing on rolling monthly plans.

How many client domains can we track?

Our Agency Plan allows you to track unlimited client domains.

Simply add each new site via your Admin Portal and access the unique tracking code.

What happens if a client is no longer with our agency?

Your client domains are billed on a monthly rolling plan, providing tracking flexibility for short-term client campaigns, alongside retainers. If a client is no longer with your agency, they can be removed or paused, via the Admin Portal.

Can we track website visitors of our own website?

Yes, your own site tracking is included within the Agency Plan.

Free Trial

Is there a Free Trial?

We offer a 14 day, full access Free Trial period.

Qualify the value of the software, explore the functionalities and configure the branding experience.

Do I require a credit card to start the Free Trial?

No, you do not need to enter any payment details until you are ready to roll with a full subscription.

Simply sign up with your domain, agency name and branding details to get started.

What happens after the Free Trial?

Once your 14 day Free Trial has concluded, your dashboard will automatically take you to the billing page.

All you will need to do is enter your card details and your access will be reinstated on the full Agency Plan.

Website Visitor Tracking

What is website visitor tracking?

Reverse IP Tracking Software – a solution which helps businesses identify which companies are visiting their website.

How can my clients benefit from Website Visitor Tracking?

Generate additional leads
Pre-qualify opportunities
Contextualise website visitors
Receive prospecting information
Visualise customer journeys
Increase revenue
Improve conversions
Identify trends
Understand website performance
Gather demographic insights

How is it different to Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a tool which will track your anonymous website traffic, providing live activity and analytical reports.

Whois identifies businesses visiting your website, using a reverse IP tracking process.

Google Analytics exists as a multi-functional and complex quantitative data source for understanding your website traffic in terms of volume, sources and activity.

Whois was designed to create value from your website traffic by identifying businesses who are interested in learning more about your services. It is a lead generation and sales software.