03 Apr Earn More Pre-Qualified Leads With These SEO Fundamentals

When it comes to online marketing, one of the more intimidating disciplines is undoubtedly SEO. Whether it’s due to the high price-tags or the heavy use of technical jargon, many small and mid-size business owners decide to just ignore it altogether. Who can blame them? Of course, it doesn’t have to be so convoluted and […]

28 Mar You’ve Installed Whoisvisiting, Now What?

Now your tracking code has been successfully installed, everything is all set for you to start benefiting from the Whoisvisiting platform. The insights from your website visitor data are extremely valuable. From logging into your account and viewing your website’s dashboard, you will instantly be able to see – Which companies are visiting your website […]

01 Mar What You Need To Know About B2B Storytelling

Very occasionally, a relationship will form between two companies for purely practical reasons. The sums add up, the value is there, and a dispassionate deal is made. But this isn’t the norm. More typically, business relationships share many elements with personal relationships. If you’ve ever run a business, you’ll understand how the powerful sense of […]

05 Feb Software Your B2B Business Should Be Using in 2018

As a business, you understand why it’s important to create a repeatable business. This is exactly the reason tools and software are so valuable. In fact, many modern business owners and their employees rely on software for their day to day hustle. And actually integrate multiple applications to help simplify their business processes. This helps […]

30 Oct The 7 Top SEO Issues That Plague Most Websites (And How You Can Avoid Them)

There’s a reason why your website exists. In a way, your website is a window to your business. It is through your website that your customers find you and your offerings. Your website is there to educate your customers and help them interact with you. So as a website owner, it must remain your goal to appear […]

10 Oct How to Get Exposure for Your Brand Using Referral Marketing

Any business would love to gain exposure for their brand. To do this without spending a ton of money seems almost far-fetched. But, the truth is brands who use referral marketing can grow their business without breaking the bank. But how can a brand gain exposure from a referral program? Let’s cover some basic points […]

11 Jul Sales And Marketing – Ten Ways To Align The Departments

Sales and Marketing –  It is quite common in businesses and working offices that the sales and marketing departments can become segregated and isolated, miscommunicating whilst working towards their own independent goals, therefore not producing the optimum results for the company. It is not that they are necessarily doing wrong, but that they are not […]

07 Jul Sales Process – Strategy, Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips from the Whoisvisiting team on how to improve your sales process strategy and build a strong rapport with leads and prospects. Essentially aiming to increase the chances of converting leads with the aid of industry specialised tips and tricks. Early Stages Of The Sales Process – It is important when Introducing yourself […]

sales cycle

29 Jun Sales Cycle – Why It Is Important For Business Success

What Is A Sales Cycle? The sales cycle is a broad term which outlines the complete selling process of a business, through a journey of different stages from lead generation to close. It is the activities involved in progressing prospects from their referral to full-paying-clients. There is not one fixed definition and the sales cycle will […]

05 Apr How To Use Direct Mail Marketing Combined With Digital Strategy

Direct mail marketing is a traditional form of awareness and visibility for your business, created using a posting mail service. It involves the production of customised, promotional packages or notices, used as a marketing material to instigate further business development by outreaching to a targeted list of specific, potential targets, addressed directly to the most […]

how to find any email address

15 Mar How To Find Any Email Address – Ultimate Research Study

For marketers and professionals, it is important to know how to find any email address. Email is a crucial form of outreach and communication – a simple email can open doors to huge opportunities and new business. Every day we need to email individuals to allow progression for logistics, prospecting, sales, or general business enquiries. […]