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07 Feb How To Write Quality and Effective B2B Content For Your Business

  Why Content Marketing For B2B Identify Ideal Customer And Establish Aim Where To Get Your Content Ideas Forms Of Content To Consider Writing Your Content Further Reading B2B Content Marketing involves the process of using the power of information to make others aware of your business, brand or promotion. It is essentially a representation […]

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15 Sep 10 Ways To Expose Your Content Marketing Using Facebook

So, you have composed yourself an elite piece of content. And now you want to expose your words of wisdom and fascinating insights to the appropriate audience and start driving immense amounts of traffic to your blog and website. We have previously mentioned how Twitter can be a useful platform to expose your blog along […]

cold emailing

24 Aug How To Achieve Amazing Cold Emailing Results

Cold emailing is an unloved necessity in the world of sales, marketing and business. Pursuing new clients, leads and opportunities or contact with those who there has been no prior introduction with or knowledge of interest in your product or service. There can be no doubting as to why cold emailing is used – It […]

29 Jun What Is PR And How To Use It For Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Public relations, or PR, is a broad term referring to a member of the marketing family which regards the process of managing your communication and relationships with members of the public or potential business prospects. It involves raising brand awareness and building, maintaining or even at times repairing, a business’ reputation. It requires manipulating influencers […]

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14 Jun How To Promote Your Blog Using Twitter

As briefly mentioned in our guide to expanding your content outreach, Twitter is one way which you can promote your blog post to a wider audience. Going further into detail, we would like to outline our process when it comes to promoting a blog post via Twitter. Twitter is such an amazing and exciting platform, […]

07 Jun How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Email List

One of the most valuable results of content marketing is the opportunity to significantly grow your email list. Your email newsletter can be a massively valuable asset for your business. It lets you nurture leads into customers, and builds a community around your brand of willing, motivated buyers. Content marketing lets you grow your mailing […]

31 May 21 Brilliant Ways To Expand Your Content Marketing Outreach

Content marketing can be so effective but it can also be very frustrating when you are sitting on a piece of quality content but you are unable to outreach it to a large enough or more appropriate audience. We have collated a mixture of blogging platforms, social media opportunities, tools and services to succeed in […]

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19 May Essential Email Marketing Tool Kit

Emails are still such an important method for marketing, lead generation and communication and it is important that you continue to adapt with new ways to refresh your structure and assault. There are so many factors to email marketing that one tool or form of software is not going to be enough. We have gathered […]

12 May LinkedIn – 5 Of The Best Tools For Prospecting And Lead Generation

Since LinkedIn went live on May 19th of 2011, it has become an unbelievable hub for businesses and recruitment, with over 332 million members (one in three working professionals) storing their skills and working history in one almighty database. It is such an invaluable source for discovering information and also sales prospecting. It is claimed […]

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06 May Five Steps To Generate More Sales From Your Email Marketing

B2B email marketing involves communicating through frequent and purposeful email to a business representative with the end goal of informing, updating, and selling a product or service. The aim is, through a structured email process to generate and progress leads by establishing a relationship with current and potential clients. And email marketing, despite the rise […]

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05 May Twitter For Business – How You Should Use It

Twitter is ten years old this year, and in its time has progressed from an innocent social media platform, to an extremely powerful, 140-character marketing tool for businesses. Twitter is arguably an underutilised platform by companies. It has been stated that, 42% of Twitter users follow brands or companies. So if your business is not […]