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How to Increase your B2B Sales

So you want to increase your B2B Sales, right? Guess what? You’ve landed in the right place.

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For B2B businesses, analytical tracking is massively important for all kinds of reasons - providing valuable insights, day-to-day. However, these tools do not tell you WHO your visitors are. Whoisvisiting is designed to show you the identity behind the data provided by your analytics tool. Whoisvisiting will reveal the businesses company name, contact details and also which pages they have been viewing and for how long. All of this data is supplied to you in real time, so you can watch as your visitor browses your site and prepare for follow-up.

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B2B Sales

B2B Sales - often referred to as business-to-business sales. This is the exchange of products or services in a transaction for money, from one business to another.

Consistent B2B Sales are the fundamental contributing factor to the survival and potential growth of your business.

But the process of instigating and closing more B2B Sales for your business is not a straightforward one. However, there are ways you can boost the output of your B2B Sales numbers with the implementation of an effective strategy surrounding your marketing and sales departments.

Boundaries of B2B Sales

The major boundaries with regards to B2B Sales surround the fact that it is not often a personal decision, but one made for the good of the company by a Senior/department decision maker. Quite frequently the person who is fronting the deal will not have the power to finalise the payment.

Therefore the communication channel can be a complicated chain making it hard to get a clear and defined answer. Awaiting feedback, analysis, reviews and senior permission before making a final agreement. This requires patience and persistence.

Businesses are hesitant to part with their budget until fully-convinced of competent value being added or a strong likeliness of a healthy return on their investment.

Somebody is often taking a large responsibility for the decision to proceed and therefore the additional pressure to make a correct and informed choice rests with them, delaying the overall situation.

Generate more B2B Leads

Intelligent and Consistent Marketing

Here the intention is to fill your pipeline with more opportunities which gives a greater chance of more sales converting. Ways to generate more business leads -

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Cold calling

A combination of these techniques should deliver your business a steady influx of leads.

B2B Sales Tool

Utilise Whoisvisiting - Website Visitor Tracking Software

If you want to maximise the potential of the relevant website traffic you are driving and receiving, capitalising on the marketing spend, Adword budget, content marketing and SEO - website visitor tracking will allow you to follow up and chase the leads and prospects which have not converted.

It is a natural situation that even your most interested, relevant and appropriate website visitor will not convert on their first entrance to your page.

Using a B2B Sales tool is a fantastic way to improve your lead generation strategy and keep your sales team occupied with qualified lead opportunities.

Follow up with your qualified website traffic. Prioritise based on your own business lead scoring intuition using the visitor journey insights available to you:

  • Pages Visited
  • Time Spent on Page
  • Visitor Frequency
  • Visitor Location

B2B Sales techniques

Here are some B2B Sales techniques worth taking into consideration and using to generate more B2B Sales.

Create a Relatonship Not a Sale

Displaying the ROI instead of the price is a great way to convince your prospect of the value of your offering.

Be Adaptable with your Payment Plans

Offering a wider range of price plans for your service increases the chances of closing a sale as you cater for more situations. Some examples of offers you can provide to incentivise and get your sale across the line:

  • Discount on upfront payment
  • Rolling monthly contract
  • Early bird discount
  • Multi-buy value

Quality or Quantity

You need to decide whether you are playing a numbers game where-by the more you have to work with the better.

Alternatively, spending more time progressing the better quality, more blatently relevant leads, could be the opton which suits the culture of your business more suitably.

B2B Sales Strategy

Hard Sell

Hard selling is a strategy taken by some businesses which involves a very direct and aggressive approach to progressing and closing deals.

The intention is to finalise the sale through excessive follow-up and intense persuasion. A hard sales mentality will rarely take no for an answer and will consistently twist any objections into a new advantage.

Consequently, hard selling generally leads to positive sales numbers but may impact the potential for repeat custom or increase the churn or a subscription due to the nature of the relationship.

Soft Sell

Opposed to applying the psychological pressure, soft selling intends to build a more pleasant relationship with the prospect.

Listening more carefully to their needs and tactically developing the sale in a patient and more natural way.

This can lead to a greater long-term impact. But ultimately it depends on the culture and end goal of your business strategy.

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