The Benefits of Using Business IP Tracking Software

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What does IP Tracking mean? Is IP tracking illegal?

An IP is basically a unique signature that every computer has when accessing the internet. An IP Tracking Software tracks valuable information from this data to be used with many purposes.

Before getting started with this kind of tool to boost your business, you need to know that IP addresses can be categorized in two basic ways to get different kinds of information: private and public.

A private IP address is not routed and cannot be directly visible on the internet.

It means that to get access to the internet every individual uses NAT (Network Address Translation) to replace the private IP into a public one.

And that is because an IP address is considered by GDPR as personal and sensitive data that can not be tracked.

Otherwise, it allows businesses to discover the identity of website visitors, as companies, since it is public information.

And every site and server has its own Public IP address. For example, —

This information presents you who are coming onto the domain and provides the ability to view their journey around the site.

Also including analytical data such as time spent on page and number of pages viewed.

A B2B IP Tracker is an ever-growing presence in the world of sales and marketing as businesses look to capitalise on the vast increase in digital marketing activities.

Beyond that, these tools are offering greater value than simply revealing website visitors.

They also show the full contact information which you should use to follow up in numerous directions, dependent on your approach.

Further to this are the functionalities which are built into the software, including Triggers, Categories, and Reports.

These can all be configured to your unique business requirement, providing a solid foundation for enhanced business performance.

That said, we are going to present to you why an  IP tracking can improve your business performance.


Benefits of using an IP Tracking tool

Before using an IP finder tool there is a question you need to ask yourself: why do you need to use it for? What is your goal?

That is important because just getting a bunch of isolated data can not dive you anywhere.

You need to know how you are going to read and analyse all of these data and turn it into valuable information for your strategies.

Here’s how this kind of information can help boost your business:


Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most popular uses of website visitor tracking services.

Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to find more leads to fill their sales buckets.

Not only does this software provide leads for following up and monitoring, but it’s capturing prospects which you would never have been aware of – as around 95% of visitors to your site will leave without inquiry.

Many lead generation solutions often fail by their lack of targeting and relevance but this option passes that test due to the fact they have been on your website and must have been there for a logical reason.


Improved Sales Process

Website visitor tracking also offers value to current leads which are in your sales cycle and can have a large input in progressing leads throughout the sales process.

Using a combination of categories and triggers, you can immediately be made aware of the return visit of an interested party and use that information to your benefit going forward.

It can allow you to prioritise leads.

Then by using the knowledge of which products and services companies are looking into, or if they are trying to access billing information, it can be a sign and reminder of the most appropriate time to drop back in touch for follow-up.

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Having automatic, real-time notifications and daily/weekly/monthly reports available on your website’s visitor information allows you to work away on other projects, safe in the knowledge that important data is being collected and you don’t need to worry about the organisation of this.

You can come to it when the timing is convenient and have all of the information to hand for marketing meetings and sales needs.


Customised Dashboard Functionalities

Being able to add your own distinctive categories to your dashboard allows you to make the tool work efficiently for your exact needs.

Tailoring for all of the industries which you work with, or nominating specific sales people to particular companies for ultimate cohesion and clarity.

Meaning you can go into your visitor dashboard and quickly establish the relevant information from the less-important data.

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Sales And Marketing Hub

A Website Visitor Software can act as a hub and middle ground for the sales and marketing teams.

Both gaining value from the tool as a system which highlights lead opportunities, demographic information and enhances the value of marketing campaigns.

Communication stemming from this platform can lead to a smoother process and stronger business performance.


Marketing Campaign And Referral Understanding

Using website visitor tracking you can see which of your marketing campaigns are having success and extend the value of the traffic by putting a business face to the anonymous traffic metrics.

You can identify and log the referral source of each customer which has completed payment.

This is amazing data for longer-term lead qualification of marketing campaigns and means that you can begin to dissect which channels are the most likely to convert, saving you spending more time on falling platforms.


Data Flexibility

With alternative reports of your data analysis available in numerous formats, you have the flexibility to upload your data into any tool which you are using as your CRM.

And also, with a Zapier integration, there are endless opportunities to improve your productivity and automate your data into the convenient pathways.


Competitor Movements

A B2B IP Tracking Software will show you every move made by your competition on your website. You can tag them and set a trigger to be alerted and see their journey in real-time.

For many, this could be a pure vanity aspect but it can add great value in seeing what they are looking at, as they prepare their next campaigns based on your pricing or website design.


Customer Service

People may associate IP Tracking software with a hard core lead generation tool, but it has multiple functionalities and purposes.

One of those being the ability to know when customers are on your own site.

You can then drop them a courtesy call or email to ensure that they are okay and have no problems.

It’s small details like this which make a huge impact on business performance and give you customer retention which is equally as important as new business, for sustainability purposes.


Return On Investment

For the price at which you can gain access to IP tracking software, it is extremely reasonable and achievable to create a strong return on investment.

Not only are the costs very low, but the price is generated based on your own traffic so your billing is completely fair.

Most businesses will only need to convert a very low number of sales to cover the costs and from there it is all margin.

There is certainly a potential for a lot of new lead opportunities and that is not including the value of the other functionalities for your business.


What is the best way of using an IP Tracker?

With the data obtained by an IP Tracking tool, you have the benefits that we have already mentioned above — the type of data and the depth will depend on your objective with this action for your business strategy.

To go further in your website analysis, you can combine these features with a Web Analytics Tool to get even more information about your visitors and how they behave.

This allows your team to create more efficient and user-focused strategies.

Chances are to increase the results of the campaigns for your marketing team and refine the lead acquisition strategy.


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