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Effective Lead Generation Software Tips To Grow Your Business

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With this content, we aim to present you with a comprehensive overview of the best and most effective lead generation software tools available to help grow your business across numerous channels.

Lead generation software works by attracting, packaging, capturing, or providing data that is relevant in order to help your business grow.

Lead generation tools operate within a wider lead generation strategy and are part of the process to generate an additional volume of opportunities or to deliver a stronger quality of lead with further qualification and insight. 

A lead is someone who has displayed an interest in your service or offering and, by definition, lead generation is creating repeatable actions based on logical patterns.

It is important to be adaptable and creative when looking for ways to generate new and better leads.

With this, there are different tools which support the various stages of lead generation such as authoritative branding, awareness, traffic, access or an offer.

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All of the combinations play a key part in order for leads to be generated.

So here are some effective ways for you to use Lead Generation Softwares to grow your business.

Here Are 13 Lead Generation Softwares To Help You Grow Your Business

  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • LeadQuizzes
  • Awario
  • PhantomBuster
  • Hunter Email Finder
  • Growbots
  • SimilarWeb
  • Ocean.io
  • Fomo
  • Hotjar
  • Tribe
  • Unbounce
  • ManyChat

Whois Visiting — Website visitor tracking

Who is Visiting is a Lead Generation software for B2B Businesses. It identifies businesses looking at your website and receives the contact details to explore interest, follow-up or engage directly. You can book 14-days with a Free Trial.

How you can get the best of Who Is Visiting tool:

  • Set Trigger alerts to notify your team and get real-time business data;
  • You can access your dashboard to create effective reports;
  • Create tags to identify your leads opportunities, clients and tasks;
  • Integrate the platform with some apps to simplify and automate your teams work;
  • Use those data to know more about who is visiting your website and then, improve your marketing and sales approach.  

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Lead QuizzesOnline Quiz Maker

Lead Quizzes helps you to collect more leads by creating engaging content for website visitors in exchange for their information.

It allows you to build a variety of quizzes, forms, and surveys in order to capture additional leads.

The quizzes can be accessed on your website and distributed to your target audience through social media and email. 

There are so many templates available to get started for your niche and alternative formats to experiment with in terms of the best fit for your audience.

How you can get the best of Lead Quizzes tool:

  • Use those quizzes and surveys to know more about your audience. Chances are you will create more effective strategies to get more qualified leads;
  • You can create interactive content to engage your audience with your brand; 
  • You can set triggers to a specific page where you insert your quiz or survey to understand the behavior of the engaged audience; 
  • It can be integrated with a variety of tools.

AwarioSocial listening tool

Awario is a social media-based lead generation platform focused on creating a hub of new business opportunities. Sounds almost impossible, right?

It literally works as a place full of leads asking for a solution which you may provide. 

Given criteria, by outlining your services, industry, competition and any keywords, Awario will create campaigns to point in the direction of any relevant highlights.

How you can get the best of Awario tool: 

  • It uses triggers to match your indication of a lead and filters these into a dashboard;
  • You can set some keywords to identify your product or service. In addition, set triggers to alerts you about mentions;
  • You can use its feed to start conversations and relationships with potential clients.

Phantombuster Data extraction and automation

Phantom Buster is a versatile tool which can be used to generate leads through relevant data extraction and engagement automation.

The Phantombuster store is packed with automation options for online action across numerous platforms with amazing case studies showing you how to connect tools for a more efficient result.

How you can get the best of Phantom Buster tool: 

  • You can schedule and automate almost any action that you may have to do on social media. For example, auto-following profiles, auto-liking posts, sending customized messages, accepting requests and more;
  • Extract those data to get even more insight and analysis to grow your content strategy.

Hunter—Email address finder

Hunter is one of the most established and reliable tools for discovering company and professional emails.

It is a resource to use for helping you get to the most appropriate person and accelerate business communications. The available tools Hunter provides include an email finder, verifier, domain search and API.

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How you can get the best of Phantom Buster tool: 

  • Use it to generate a list of more effective (and valid) leads so that you can improve your sales approach and speech; 

GrowbotsOutbound lead generation

Growbots is the email tool to assist your email marketing campaigns and outbound sales growth. All-in one features which give you the tools to upload or generate prospects with intelligent targeting and follow-up.

How you can get the best of GrowBots tool: 

  • Automate your marketing communication, campaigns and follow-ups;
  • You can use it to create notes and actionable tasks with its collaborative environment; 
  • Use A/B tests to get more insights to improve your campaigns.  

SimilarWebWebsite technology profiling

With Similar Web you can build a lead list with solutions for competitive marketing intelligence. It is designed to uncover growth opportunities with technology databases. 

How you can get the best of SimilarWeb tool: 

  • Analyze its data to get better insights to organic and paid content, affiliate, and partnership strategies; 
  • Also analyze competitors and market data to understand trends, customer behavior, buyer journey and benchmark it for better decisions; 
  • Combine these information to your marketing and sales team;
  • Use SimilarWeb Chrome Plugin to see website traffic and key metrics for websites, like traffic and keyword ranking, engagement, and traffic source.

Ocean.io Growth intelligence

Ocean offers packages for lead generation using Big data and AI based results by integrating with existing database and CRM Integration.

A process which analyses your customer data, identifies the best qualities and creates targets from a look-a-like database.

How you can get the best of Ocean.io tool: 

  • Use its data to make decisions about improving your CRO, reduce you Customer Acquisition Costs and Churn, Sales and Funnel Efficiency. Chances are you are going to see your business healthy growth!
  • Set automated management to focus on strategic activities and decisions; 

FomoSocial proofing

Fomo social proofing exists to build trust and confidence in your website traffic perception of your brand, offer or service.

It’s simple solution customises social proofing messages to encourage conversions and create relative emotion.

This tool will indirectly help you to generate leads by increasing the conversions at each stage.

How you can get the best of Fomo tool: 

  • Current buying behaviors make consumers think twice before making a purchase decision that’s why social proof became such an important strategy for businesses. 
  • You can customize its information and template to show important updates and actions that your leads are doing in your pages. 

HotjarWebsite Heatmaps & behavior analytics 

Hotjar is a user experience based tool focused on helping you to understand your visitors’ behaviors on all of your pages — through heatmaps, recordings, funnel conversion reports and feedback polls/surveys.

 How you can get the best of Hotjar tool: 

  • You can definitely use its recordings and heatmaps to understand how to improve the design of your pages, cta, copies, and usability. Therefore, growing your conversions;
  • Analyze your site performance and what your visitors are clicking or ignoring to make a/b testing decisions;
  • Create a better user experience for your business! 

TribeCommunity app

Building a dedicated community for your brand and business to share information, new content and deliver first access is a powerful way to generate leads for the long-term — by creating a relationship with them.

It is a patient approach but for sustainable growth, it gives a reliable way to ensure trust and access through trust over a period.

It is possibly one of the most pure ways to grow a business by not selling, but engaging and helping. 

Naturally, as your community builds, your impact is stronger, the presence is greater and leads are generated through and off-the back of your reputation and perception.

How you can get the best of Tribe tool: 

  • Nowadays businesses are trying to create more than just clients, but real fans of their brand. And it happens because purchase decisions are getting by more critical customers. Most people need to feel really involved with all the buyer’s journey to be confident about a product or service — and to referral it.
  • Creating a community towards your product/service or market is a long-term strategy to creating a relationship and trust to keep customers engaged with your brand — and also to boost customer lifetime value; 
  • Use it to empower your brand authority and chances are that you are going to increase your organic sales. 

UnbounceLanding page builder

Unbounce is a landing page builder that helps you to capture leads by aligning specific campaigns to present a more targeted and personalised experience. With no coding skills required! 

It is a friendly-to-use, drop and drag builder with plenty of useful features which can be embedded. 

How you can get the best of Unbounce tool: 

  • You can duplicate your designs and amend for complete flexibility to structure the best landing pages for each pathway;
  • Explore the available templates or create your own from scratch, based on your brand and needs — and also to set a/b tests; 
  • Not only landing pages are provided, but also popups, sticky bars, and integration opportunities as a chance to improve your conversion rate. 

ManychatChat Bot

Manychat allows you to build a chat bot through Facebook messenger and engage with website visitors.

It helps to generate leads by building relationships with people in a personalised way.

As you can check in all images above, almost every website has a chat tool so that they can provide an easy way for leads to communicate with the businesses. 

How you can get the best of ManyChat tool: 

  •  It is easy to set up, use and can deliver strong results through automation with intelligent growth tools;
  • It’s a way to deliver a quick answer for your leads questions when necessary —  and then simplify your buyer journey; 
  • You can understand what are the most frequently asked questions from your leads, and then use it to improve your website communication and user experience.
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