How To Find Any Email Address - Ultimate Research Study

Last updated: 2019-03-22

For marketers and professionals, it is important to know how to find any email address. Email is a crucial form of outreach and communication - a simple email can open doors to huge opportunities and new business.

Every day we need to email individuals to allow progression for logistics, prospecting, sales, or general business enquiries.

Time is precious and ensuring that you can access quickly and easily, the email contact of an individual is a luxury which is has become more of a necessity.

Without it, you are falling behind others and their progressive and accurate communication movements.

Here is a complete guide to finding the email address of an individual

There are various tools, systems and algorithms out there which can assist you in obtaining the correct email address of an individual in order for you to outreach and deliver your necessary message, successfully.

We have concluded many of the best email identifier tools available and tested their results in an elite study.

Along with this, we have listed the alternative, manual ways, you can explore and research to get hold of that all-important address, should these tools be unavailable or out of reach or budget.

Our Study

Using the data of 100 email addresses targeted in our everyday business prospecting and marketing outreach, we have qualified these 100 addresses to be correct due to accurate and real, human-response.

Here is the breakdown of demographics for the email address data of 100 people which we tested in our study of the tools


We have tested the following tools and their unique functionalities of providing the email address of these individuals and recorded the results and the success rate.

We have also analysed the variables such as usability, additional features, pricing and access contexts for a full overview of effectiveness and practicality.

All offer extremely similar processes and layouts, however there are slight differences in search technique, data quality, usability and functionality extensions.

Therefore, Whoisvisiting's verdict will take into account a combination of test score success %, feature availability, cost-per-credit, user-interface experience and also consider the intention of the tool itself.

***To ensure most reliable results possible, all emails were discovered via manual search, due to complications and differences of formatting upload  (if bulk upload option available)***

Before you dive in, click here to download your free results spreadsheet. The spreadsheet will give you a complete feature and identification overview of each tool's results to help you analyse the best product for yourself

1. Hunter (Email Hunter)

Email Hunter is an extremely popular and logical service which offers a simple solution for accessing the email address of an individual. How the Email Hunter works is by crawling the web to obtain all of the publicly available email data and storing this.

The tool will then inspect the company domain of the identified target. Returning to the Email Hunter database, the tool will match up the pattern closest to the one most frequently used by the company.

Furthermore, the identified address will then undergo Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, in order to verify that the email is perfectly legitimate.

email hunter

Alternatively, Email Hunter allows you to use its Chrome extension to find a specific email address by accessing somebody’s LinkedIn profile and simply clicking the extension in your browser or the integration on the selected person's profile.


email hunter linkedin

It will lead to an email address along with the confidence score. This relates to the amount of publicly available email data of the chosen domain to compare with.

email hunter extension

The unique functionality will show you the sources of the publicly available data and then allow you to search for another person from that same company (Tom Maxwell), using the strongest -used pattern.  This leaves you with an expertly logical response. tom maxwell email

Additional Features:

Email verifier Bulk search Google sheets add-on Connected applications -  Sales force, Pipe Drive, Hubspot, Zapier, Zoho MailTracker - find out who opens your emails LinkedIn lead listing API / Docs

Free Trial Credits:

150 free searches/month, forever (non-rolling).

Pricing (billed monthly):

Email Test % Score: 63% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 9/10

Though the test results from the Email Hunter were slightly underwhelming in comparison to the other tools, it’s wide range of functionalities (including mail-tracker, Google sheet add-ons and numerous integration options), combined with a friendly user-dashboard and straight-forward email identifying service, with no guesswork involved, qualifies strongly as a seriously effective tool.

With an extremely generous 150-monthly credit access free of charge, overall it is a tool we would certainly recommend. ***Email Hunter has since announced that it is shutting down the LinkedIn integration***

2. Find Any Email

Find Any Email enables you to instantly locate and verify any email address by entering the first name, last name and the domain ( of the company who the individual works for.

They will then return with the email address and contact information for you.

This particular tool will find a suggested email address, which it will have verified, before providing possible alternatives.

It uses an advanced catch-all facility and cross references with social profiles.

Email verify & social lookup.

Additional Features:

Verify bulk email lists
API access available
Build lead lists

Free Trial Credits:

100 free email credits every month.


***"Forever Free subscription is available***


Email Test % Score: 72% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 7/10

The forever free package option (100 free credits monthly) combined with a respectable test score %, suggests that this is a worthwhile investment for your email needs.

However, the lack of staple requirement features such as a Chrome extension and any integration options, means it can’t be considered in the same league as other alternatives.

Despite this, as an email finder alone, on a small-scale, it is accessible and clear with a social lookup tool as a handy additional feature.

3. is a Chrome extension which brings insane productivity to Gmail. It is a tool which allows email prospecting but offers so much more value in terms of productivity and accessibility.

Vocus' simplicity, clean usability and majorly effective all-in-one extension tools makes it an ultimate email tool at a remarkably reasonable price. Email prospecting may not necessarily be the primary function of this platform but it is still a valuable addition.

"We create a combination of possible emails based on the first and last names and we run each email through our email verification method." "Using a guesswork logic, combined with an email verification tester, it concludes the most accurate result for you."

Allows you to search by full-name and domain.vocus prospector

Displays verification process, providing optimum email solution.


Vocus may be unable to verify a particular domain specified because it has a 'catch-all' flag enabled. This means that it will respond positively to every email address test and therefore redundant.

unable to verify catch all

Additional Features:

Tracking - Find out who and when a person has (or has not) opened your mail delivery
Snippets - Create bulk text templates which appear when triggered by a keyword
Follow-ups - Create automated custom cadence follow-ups
Send later - flexible send-later email functionality
Reminders - Add personal note or 'bump up' mail in your inbox
Mail Merge - Send hundreds of personalised emails in no time at all
Coordination - Shared calendar invite Integrations -
SalesForce, Pipedrive, Auto BCC, Zapier

Free Trial Credits:

30-days free-trial (Three email prospect credits daily)


***Charged monthly, so you can cancel anytime including all above features***

Email Test % Score: 75% Success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 9/10

We think that Vocus is a wonderful toolbox which we would recommend without question. We are not here to judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree and in this case, is not meant to be a hardcore bulk lead-generation tool, but more about targeted outreach.

Despite this, you are equipped with 20 daily prospecting credits, for such a minimal fee (both packages), working out at an excellent cost-per-credit value, with potential to enhance your outreach strategy through structure and productivity.

4. VoilaNorbert

Create an account, and you will receive access to Norbert’s user-friendly dashboard where you simply enter a person’s name in one box and the company domain in the next. Norbert then works to find the result.

Voila Norbert does not over complicate the process and allows you to achieve stress-free email access of individuals stored presentably and accessibly for use.

It must be noted that Voila Norbert does not check for catch-all addresses, therefore it restricts the amount of requests which you can make (SMTP servers can block the service if sent too often). Once Voila Norbert has identified your intended receiver, it will pull their additional information in a presentable profile.

Norbert email

You can then send them an email straight from the Voila platform and your own dashboard.

Additional Features:

Chrome extension
Bulk upload
API access
Zapier integration

Free Trial Credits:

Get 50 leads for Free - only found emails are charged as a credit


***Monthly (cancel your package at any time) or yearly with 20% off ***

Email Test % Score: 92% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 9/10

Norbert has produced an extremely respectable and accomplished email finding tool with strong results and non-complicated proceedings.

Though it lacks a lot of the major integrations, many are incoming soon - the API is simple to integrate and is fully-documented.

The pricing is of the standard competitiveness but Norbert excels due to the fact it offers a pay-as-you-go credit service, which do not expire, along with only charging per successful emails found. 

5. Find That

Using cross-checks and data analytical algorithms, ‘A modern day Yellow Pages’ - Find That Email, will allow you to search for and then gather the email contact of whom you wish. And all you have to do is enter the name of the individual and then the company.

It will even deliver a drop down when searching for company name of suggestions. Once you have hit search, it will respond with the email and the confidence % of that being correct. It could not be any clearer.

It will allow you to get the ball rolling when targeting specifically. To avoid any disappointment of any servers which block SMTP verification, the FindThat engine relays on 22 different data-sources.

"We are big on Data accuracy. We never use public data sources or guess emails. Our engines are constantly fed new sources and automatically remove false records."

Additional Features

Chrome extension - With Ahrefs integration
Bulk upload
Domain search - unavailable with free package
SalesForce, MailChimp, Zoho and Pipedrive integration
API access

Free Trial Credits:

50 Search Credits, monthly


find that pricing

Email Test % Score: 88% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 8/10

The visually pleasing nature of this website is a huge bonus, with its Yellow-Pages-style user-face, it is clean and very user-friendly for elite usability.

It’s addition of Ahrefs in the Chrome extension is a unique and useful addition. Overall, it is a consistent email identification tool and verifier with a slightly higher cost-per-search from its starter package.

You must also subscribe for access to domain search and integrations and to the highest package for API access.

For occasional email grabbing it can be a successful 'go-to' for an individual identification, again showing consistent results via the algorithm.

6. Toofr

Toofr provides their own unique algorithm to discover email addresses and the overall functionality is extremely convenient, with features such as company name search rather than specifically domain requirement. You are able to search for email prospects via the database individually or a specific domain.

toofr get prospects

You can also access the profile data (title, headshot, profile URL) for one more credit. There is a verification email tool. toofr verify

Additional Features:

Bulk upload
Email list purchase - directly buy categorised ready-provided emails for outreach
Sales hacker API - language examples in Shell, Ruby, and Python.

Free Trial Credits:

Get 12 credits for free.


Email Test % Score: 98% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 10/10

For bulk email search with the strongest results, Toofr is your recommended tool. Less so for requests which are few-and-far-between, as it is a powerful system and their prices are optimised to reward seriously bulky uploads.  

It is not a particularly flashy website, and it is here to do what it says.

Provide you with email addresses or verification, accurately, regardless of further outreach and integrations.

Though it does make accessible a free API Sales Hacker.
It is data heavy, offering purchasable email lists and ready for serious email discovery.

Despite this, its entry package is reasonable enough to use for accurate, small-scale email address generation with a Chrome extension available.

Want to know which email provider will best suit your company? Click here to download the results spreadsheet and analyze the best fit for your company.

7. AeroLeads 

Primarily a prospecting tool which allows you to find contact information. AeroLeads  provides the versatility to import your own lists or search using the platform.

Again, it must be stated that this dashboard has the intention of providing further and extended opportunities than simply identifying an email address, but organises your results tidily and allows for progressive prospecting if that is of value.

Manually upload prospects and obtain their email address amongst alternative contact information including phone number and social profiles before integrating with other platforms.

Additional Features:

Buy custom data
Chrome extension - add leads to AeroLeads in one click
Prospect generation services MailChimp, SalesForce, HubSpot, Insightly, Pipedrive and Zapier integration
API Integration

Free Trial Credits:

10 prospect credits


Email Test % Score: 82% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 8/10

Similarly to Vocus, it belongs in the bracket of a tool which does not primarily describe itself as an email identification platform, first and foremost.

Therefore, it would be unfair to mark it with the exact same mindset as some of the other tools.
However, Aeroleads still delivers an extremely capable email discovery tool, but where you can go from there is the beauty of this particular software.

That is why the Take Off plan appears quite steep for just 100 identifications, but the ability to monitor and organise your leads along with the integrations and prospecting potential is what this price is taking in to account.

It’s ability to discover the address of manually uploaded contacts is good and Aeroleads are very flexible with custom packages to suit your needs.

8. Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder comes under the category of a stand-alone email identification tool. The process includes; finding the email on a webpage, establishing that it follows a common pattern, before confirming that the server accepts emails and the email is recognised by this. The direct server validation looks to reduce bounce rate % and they will only charge you for successful emails which they are able to gather and verify - '98% delivery rate'.

You are given the option of having unverified emails enabled or disabled.


You have the option of searching for a specific individual or an equivalent of domain search, being 'everyone', along with the option to find thousands of emails in bulk.

Additional Features:

Find & verify emails with the Anymail API
Free email templates - for business development, referral, sales, follow-up and PR pitching.

Free Trial Credits:

20 free verified emails.


***Anymail Finder will only charge you for their confirmed, non-bouncing, discovered emails and there are flexible cancellation procedures***

Email Test % Score: 65% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 7/10

The Anymail finder prides itself on the USP of a specific breakdown of only charging for fully-verified emails, meaning that all others it can provide, including pattern matched/guessed on similar premises, and ones which are found from the internet are not charged from your credit allowance.

Their lenient approach also means that credits will rollover month-on-month if unused, unlike other providers.  For this reason it is a solid concept with workable results.

It is easy to use but there is no continuous free package, though their lite subscription is minimal, but does not include the API access or bulk feature.

9. Find That Lead

Find That lead makes available a complete dashboard for email prospecting and lead generation outreach and organisation.

A clean and pure back-end panel, including additional tools and lead management, gives you prime functionality for overseeing your contacts.

The Lead Search, like so many of the tools, is a simple but effective function, requiring first name and surname separately, before entering the domain.

It will return with its best efforts of acquiring that contact.

find that lead


Alternatively, there is the option of the domain search to find however many emails via a specific company domain.

domain search

You can also use the FindThatLead dashboard as an Email verifier, in isolation - search for an email to test it's validity using the FindThatLead algorithm.

email verifier

Additional Features:

Lead manager - organise the email addresses which you have obtained in the lead management dashboard
Chrome extension
Find prospects - only available for Suite plan on-wards. It is an advanced search on the dashboard to find emails based on tags (location, job position...).
Google sheets add-on
Twitter followers - a unique way to extract the data of your own or another account's Twittter following
Whois lookup - look for an email via Whois domain lookup.

Free Trial Credits:

10 daily search credits on Basic plan.


Email Test % Score: 86% success

Whoisvisiting Verdict: 8/10

FindThatLead offers a balance between the predominantly email finding/verification tools and the more CRM-based lead management systems by offering dual functionalities.

With a strong email search tool and chrome extension along with the domain search and verifier, it also includes a prospector (for the $399 monthly package on-wards) and lead manager.

There are no direct integrations available but FindThatLead does offer a Whois domain lookup option along with the unique addition of a Twitter follower extractor.

The cost-per-credit is extremely good value but it will take a credit for all searches regardless of return quality. A very interesting all-round alternative with competitive results and unique functions worth considering. 

Final Thoughts

First of all it is clear to see that these are a range of very capable and useful tools which all provide a quality level of service and results. It must also be reiterated that not all of these tools are necessarily built with the intention of providing you with an email address, and just because they are capable of that, doesn't mean it is their primary concern.

email address results

However, all of these before-mentioned software tools, in their own way will try their best to get you the email address which you want.

Which is the best for you will depend on your own agenda and whether you are looking for a quick win, a larger-scale discovery tool, or one with the most productive follow-up and outreach features.

Therefore you must establish this yourself, before identifying which will be the best for you.

Again it could be a case of utilising the free packages as and when needed and subscribing to one specifically for x reason or x feature.

It would be advisable to take advantage of the free trial credits which all offer to some extent, and familiarise yourself with the dashboards to get the best feel and only then can you confidently qualify.

Ultimately, all of these tools have provided extremely good quality results in terms of email address finding between their catch-all functionality, guesswork algorithms and SMTP handshake procedures.

Hopefully you will have a clearer pathway of obtaining the contact you need.

Below are the full test results followed by some manual alternatives to these fantastic tools which you can also try.


Full Test Results

ToolOverall Score /10Email Test % Score
Email Hunter9/1063%
Find That Email8/1088%
Find That Lead8/1086%
Find Any Email7/1072%
Antmail Finder7/1065%

Manual Email Discovery Alternatives

Twitter search

Using Twitter's advanced search, try looking for "at" and "dot in the 'all of these words' section. This would be including the @ of the specific person in the, 'from these accounts', option. The reason being, people may have documented their address in this format in the tweet history and this will bring it up for you. Allmytweets will allow you to view the history of an account's tweets where you can perform a control search instantly.

all my tweets

Twitter DM

Sending a tweet to a specific person and then following up with a direct message asking for their email is a direct approach of contact.


LinkedIn is the hub of business profiles where it is possible to find who you are looking for and many people will openly display their contact email.

linkedin email

Google Search Operators

Using a search engine to try and identify the email address of a particular individual is an old school but still useful way, however it will vary on the name's commonness as to how achievable it will be. A basic search engine email address query will follow this pattern - [name] + email (or) email address [name] + contact (or) contact information (or) contact me Another option would be to use the 'site:' technique to attempt to pinpoint the correct address. + [name] + email + [name] + contact Further to this, for more specific detail, you can include variants such as - [name] + "home town" [name] + "company they work for"


Although Facebook is not a professional form of social media, it is still well worth browsing to see if an email is accessible. It may not always be a work email, but still a way of getting in touch and trying to get the work address.facebook email

Manual guess and verify will give you 50+ email guesses based on your data inserted (first name, surname, domain) which you can take and find verification for using alternative tools or cross referencing with, which attempts to find the email address format patterns of company domains.


If you have any further tools or ideas which you would recommend, please share in the comments section below!


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