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Our journey began over ten years ago, driven by the mission to build and deliver unique, robust and reliable data tools for effective lead generation and prosecting. Working to support and bridge the sales and marketing departments of businesses – creating cohesion through powerful data.

Today, Whois is synonymous with performance and precision, earning the trust of businesses worldwide as a leading IP Tracking Software.


Whois Provides Two Core
Website Visitor Tracking Solutions

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Website Visitor Tracking

For Individual Domains

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White Label

Website Visitor Tracking

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Whois Visiting

Looking to identify businesses visiting your website?

Our traditional website visitor tracking software is available to individual websites for B2B lead generation, prospecting and unique visitor insights.

We offer a full access, 14-Day Free Trial, with no credit card required to get started.

Simply sign up, create your account and receive your tracking code. This can be placed in the header of your website to begin tracking in less than two minutes.


The Simple Way To Generate Qualified B2B Leads

Target. Identify. Qualify. Convert.


Drive relevant website traffic with targeted marketing campaigns – SEO, Email, Social Media, Paid Advertising.


Identify businesses visiting your website and set up real-time notifications, scheduled reports and trigger alerts.


Filter the noise of your website traffic using conditions to qualify leads based on specific sessions or engagement.


Utilise our prospecting tools combined with contextual insights to accelerate the sales process and secure more deals.

14-Day Free Trial

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White Label

We are thrilled to introduce our Whois White Label product, representing a paradigm shift for agencies in providing website visitor tracking to clients.

Throughout our years of developing SAAS products, including Whois, we have acquired as a collective an incredible amount of experience and industry knowledge.

Having worked with many marketing agencies as Whois clients across all industries, sizes and specialities alongside a direct involvement in growing a 360 agency, we recognise first-hand the pain points’ and boundaries which prevent the opportunity to scale.

Therefore Whois White Label was designed out of inspiration to simplify the process of agency growth. Offering a full re-branded tool, with a fast set up, complete transparency, affordable plans and flexibility. Allowing your agency to attract new clients through an enhanced service portfolio, with the ability to maximise on-going campaigns.

Join us on this exciting new phase of our journey. Promoting innovation and growth, as we continue to redefine the benchmarks of excellence in website visitor tracking. Choose Whois as your trusted partner, and let us together shape the future of digital success for your agency.


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