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Lead Generation Software To Grow Your Business

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A comprehensive overview of the best and most effective lead generation software tools available to help grow your business across numerous channels.

Lead Generation Software

A tool which assists the process of highlighting
potential new customers for a business or service.

A lead generation software works by attracting, packaging, capturing or providing data which is or could be relevant in order to help your business grow.

Lead generation tools operate within a wider lead generation strategy and are part of the process to generate an additional volume of opportunities or to deliver a stronger quality of lead with further qualification and insight. 

By definition, a lead is someone who has displayed an interest in your service or offering and Lead generation is creating repeatable actions based on logical patterns.

Therefore lead generation software intends to identify, create and entice more data of this criteria.

It is important to be adaptable and creative when looking for ways to generate new leads, more leads or better leads.

There are different tools which support the various stages of lead generation such as authoritative branding, awareness, traffic, access or an offer.

All of the combinations play a key part in order for leads to be generated.

Lead Generation Software To Grow Your Business

whois visiting lead gen

Whois Visiting

Website visitor tracking

Lead Generation software for B2B Businesses.

Identify businesses looking at your website and receive the contact details to explore interest, follow-up or engage directly. 14-day Free Trial

lead quiz

Lead Quizzes

Online Quiz Maker

A lead quiz helps you to collect more leads by creating engaging content for website visitors in exchange for their information.

Lead Quizzes is a fun and creative platform allowing you to build a variety of quizzes, forms and surveys in order to capture additional leads.

The quizzes can be accessed on your website and distributed to your target audience through social media and email. Enticing engagement and interaction which is on-brand, therefore starting a familiar relationship.

There are so many templates available to get started for your niche and alternative formats to experiment with in terms of best fit for your audience.



Social listening tool

Awario is a social media based lead generation platform.

Given criteria, by outlining your services, industry, competition and any keywords, Awario will create campaigns to point in the direction of any relevant highlights.

It uses triggers to match your indication of a lead and filters these into a dashboard for your digression.



Data extraction and automation

A versatile tool which can be used to generate leads through relevant data extraction and engagement automation.

The Phantombuster store is packed with automation options for online action across numerous platforms with amazing case studies showing you how to connect tools for a more efficient result.

email hunter


Email address finder

Hunter is one of the most established and reliable tools for discovering company and professional emails.

It is a brilliant resource to use for helping you get to the most appropriate person and accelerate business communications.

The available tools Hunter provides include an email finder, verifier, domain search and API.



Webinar software

Webinars and live online education events are a powerful way to generate leads of high quality.

Demio provides the platform with great flexibility to create campaigns to engage with more prospects.

Their features will support your business to host professionally and generate leads at scale when combined with the right strategy.



Outbound lead generation

Growbots is the email tool to assist your email marketing campaigns and outbound sales growth.

All-in one features which give you the tools to upload or generate prospects with intelligent targeting and follow-up.



Website technology profiling

Build a lead list using Similar Web solutions for competitive marketing intelligence.

Designed to uncover growth opportunities with a technologies database. Segment and qualify based on your ideal profile.

ocean io

Ocean io

Growth intelligence

Ocean offers Startup, Scale-up and Enterprise packages for lead generation using Big data and AI based results by integrating with your existing database and CRM Integration.

A process which analyses your customer data, identifies the best qualities and creates targets from a look-a-like database.


Social proofing

Fomo social proofing exists to build trust and confidence in your website traffic perception of your brand, offer or service.

Customise social proofing messages to encourage conversions and create relative emotion. 

This tool will indirectly help you to generate leads by increasing the conversions at each stage.


Go Pin Leads

Local lead generation

Go Pin Leads chrome extension or web app – A simple lead generation tool for local b2b businesses using AI to generate leads for their specific location. 

Receive relevant data from your target audience . Use credits to explore the GoPin database.

referral rock

Referral Rock


A smart way to generate new leads by referral.

Referrals are always going to be a high-quality of lead due to the nature of their pathway as recommended for a reason.

However referrals are a channel which can be focused on with more creativity, structure, intelligence and automation to help scale the number of leads.

By using a referral program software your business can maximise the potential of the customers who are more than willing to help you spread the word.



LinkedIn prospecting

Leadsster is a lead generation machine which offers various solutions for specific purposes.

It is designed to target, engage and provide results by leveraging LinkedIn to automate interactions and meetings.

They provide customised plans for start-ups and growing SaaS businesses which create a large opportunity for returning on investment.

disciple media

Disciple media

Community app

Building a dedicated community for your brand and business to share information, new content and deliver first access is a powerful way to generate leads for the long-term.

It is a patient approach but for sustainable growth, it gives a reliable way to ensure trust and access through trust over a period.

It is possibly one of the most pure ways to grow a business by not selling, but engaging and helping. Naturally, as your community builds, your impact is stronger, the presence is greater and leads are generated through and off-the back of your reputation and perception.



Website Conversion Optimisation

Sumo has a free plan which helps you to generate leads by creating opt-in forms for your website.

The fully-customizable forms can be used to collect email addresses and information for all different purposes based on your campaigns.

Sumo integrates with your email platform to sync the data and build automated workflows.



Landing page builder

Unbounce helps you to capture leads by aligning with your specific campaigns to present a more targeted and personalised experience.

Easily duplicate your designs and amend for complete flexibility to structure the best landing pages for each pathway.

It is a friendly-to-use, drop and drag builder with plenty of useful features which can be embedded.

Explore the available templates or create your own from scratch.



Chat Bot

Manychat allows you to build a chat bot through Facebook messenger and engage with website visitors.

It helps to generate leads by building relationships with people in a personalised way.

It is easy to set up, use and can deliver strong results through automation with intelligent growth tools.

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