How To Convert Your B2B Inbound Leads Into Customers

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It’s not all about marketing your business to generate as many leads as possible, your core focus (and your companie’s profitability) lies in the conversion of B2B leads into customers. Below focuses on how to align your sales and marketing into one harmonious force to be reckoned with!

Use your B2B email prospects into business It’s often the case that B2B email marketing can be completely un-targeted and companies use the scatter gun approach to find new leads. How often have you received an email suggesting a great deal or extra special savings and how much impact does that have for you and your company?

Receiving irrelevant emails not only delivers little return but studies suggest can actually impact your credibility with your prospects and have detrimental effect to securing future business. On the other end of the spectrum is receiving emails that are targeting you with content, products and information that relate to a recent purchase, download, offer or other associated service that you have have recently engaged with. The chances are the latter has a more direct impact on your decision to engage. It’s an obvious point but surprising how overlooked it is within the world of B2B marketing.

Tailoring emails to specifically target recipients’ needs and interests converts more business than generic emails. Understanding this and building this approach into your prospects buying stages delivers credibility and improves your lead to customer ratio. – Use your emails as a tool to build relationships with your leads. – Use your guide your prospects on how best they can use your products and services – Use your emails to educate them and deliver credibility to your company – Use your emails to incentivise discussion and interaction.

Ensure your sales and marketing teams are working together It’s inevitable that sales and marketing have the same strategic goals but have different paths to get there. Sales and marketing teams can work wonderfully together but is this always the case?

Did you know 87% of the employees used to describe each others respective sales and marketing department is negative! Conversely to this, sales and marketing alignment statistically delivers an additional 20% in revenues if deployed correctly and operates in synergy with each other.

With the above in mind, your company needs to focus on sales and marketing teams working together. Share each others goals and operate seamlessly together to ensure that each are reaching their potential in the shared goal of closed business What are the next steps? Build a collaborative process into your management meetings, arrange regular meeting points and knowledge sharing exercises across your two teams. 

Relate to each and every prospect individually by customizing Personalizing content in an email, website or other prospects’ touchpoint goes a long way towards increasing your sales pipeline and ultimately closed business. It’s easy to use smart content to create personalized emails according to the interests, buying preferences and stages of pipeline of your prospects.

You can use personalization tokens (small fragments of text that prospects have provided about themselves) to configure personalized emails. These can influence the titles, main body content, product displays or even colours, fonts, brand formats according to the nature of the industry you’re in.

Ensure sales teams adapt to what buyers want In order to thrive in an industry ripe with competition, sales teams must learn to adapt. The days of standard generic calling scripts and sales pitches are no more, your prospects are educated and hardened to these traditional sales techniques and it means sales teams must adapt. Listen to your prospects and deliver sales processes around what work for them, tailor your sales pitch to each individual and each unique circumstance. This needs to span across your calling, emails, and all other outbound communications. Keep your communications relevant, personalized and staged towards your end goal, the closed business.

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