Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it easy to install Whoisvisiting on my website?

As soon as you register for your Free Trial you will receive one line of JavaScript to be added to each page of your website. You can then start to view who is visiting your site and automatically forward leads to your sales representatives

Is a credit card needed for the Free Trial?

No. You will receive a 14 Day Free Trial. There is no need for a credit card during your sign up stage. Throughout the 14 Day Free Trial we will tell you who is visiting your website, their company name, address, website and telephone number, the pages they visited and the services they were interested in.

How do I sign up after the 14 Day Free Trial?

Before your 14 Day Free Trial expires, you will receive an automated email providing details of how to sign up for an ongoing plan. Alternatively you can contact us by email or telephone to advise you would like to proceed with the campaign.

How accurate is the company information supplied?

We work extremely hard to ensure the data supplied on companies is relevant and kept up to date. We work closely with a number of companies over the world to ensure this is kept as a top priority for us.

Does the information gathered conform to the Data Protection Act?

Yes. All the information is gathered from information that is readily available in the public domain. We carefully filter the correct information and provide it to you in a clear and coherent way.

Are you able to find the name and contact information of every single visitor?

No. It is only possible to obtain details of companies that have a fixed IP address. We have refined a process of delivering the most accurate information, however some information is not available and therefore Whoisvisiting will provide all information possible to for leads.

I have millions of page views per month. Can Whoisvisiting handle my load?

A number of our customers have millions of page views per month, and we are able to handle their load. The tracking calls are made asynchronously to our tracking servers, where we also have the ability to scale capacity seamlesslessly with usage.

What does 'Unique Visitor' mean?

A unique visitor is quite simply an IP address that lands on your website for the first time. If this IP address visits you again then it will not be counted towards your limit. Please note that these visitors could be from anywhere and doesn’t mean an IP address that belongs to a company that you can sell too. It could be an Internet Service Provider or even someone from home who is on a dynamic IP. These will not show in your dashboard.

What happens if we exceed the number of unique visitors of our tariff? Is there an extra cost? in this case, how much is it?

Our packages are fully flexible. If you go over the 1000 unique visitors a month you will move up to the next tier. We do have a 10% buffer though so if you exceed that then you will go over to the next tariff only.

Which payment methods are available?

At present we only accept card payments but if you are signing up for a 12 month contract we can accept a BACS payment (bank transfer).

Is the VAT included on your prices?

In the UK the prices are +VAT. If you are in the EU then you will need to supply us with an EU Tax Code on the billing page in your dashboard. If you are in the USA or the Rest of the World then you will not need a Tax Code.