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  • Identify the companies visiting your website.
  • Add context to anonymous website traffic.
  • Get key contact Information for those companies.
  • Create custom reports of those companies.
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Leadberry Alternative

Whoisvisiting is a qualitative data platform designed to show you the identity behind the information provided by your analytics tool

Not only do we tell you the company name, we also supply you with the business contact details.

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Find Out What Your Visitors Want

Our software will showcase exactly what your website visitors have been looking at. Highlighting the complete journey around your website. This gives you the power to segment your follow up in a more effective direction.

Find Out Where Your Visitors Came From

We provide the information to let you see where your visitors are arriving from. This could be in terms of marketing campaigns or geographical context. Leading to a greater understanding of your audience scope.

IP Tracking FAQs

Compare Whoisvisiting & Leadberry

Tracking Code vs Google Analytics Plugin

When researching new software, you may have come across two types of website visitor tracking systems available to choose from on the market. Essentially, both offer the same service but in different ways, which ultimately impacts on their capabilities and data output dramatically.

This is a stand-alone specialised service. It is a unique code created for installation on your website’s back end, specifically designed to identify businesses and filter ISPs. Website visitor tracking companies will ask you to place a code on the header or footer of your website and allow it to begin collecting the necessary data from then onwards.

Stand alone tracking codes work by identifying the IP address of the visitor on your website. This allows for multiple lookups types, giving the company more than one way to identify the company that is visiting your website. These lookups can be a reverse DNS or Whois Lookup. Because stand-alone tracking codes have the exact IP address it means the returned results are more accurate and allows additional logic to be applied for a greater identification rate.

For example, by doing a Whois lookup, an IP address may return the company name of the website as “Microsoft”. If you were using a Google Analytics plugin this is the result you would see in your dashboard. But with a stand-alone tracking code, we have the exact Whois Lookup record. Afterwards, we can identify that is actually your local IT company visiting your website.

Identify and Prioritise Interested Businesses

Build A Pipeline Of Opportunities Based On Qualified Interest In Your Products And Services

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