5 Of The Best Linkedin Tools For Prospecting And Lead Generation

Last updated: 2019-06-06

LinkedIn has become an unbelievably effective hub for business development and recruitment, with over 300 million members (one in three working professionals) storing their skills, online CV's, professional personalities and working history in one almighty database.

It is such an invaluable source for discovering powerful industry information and also for direct sales prospecting and lead generation purposes.

It is claimed that on average, a user will spend 17 minutes a month browsing and connecting on LinkedIn and 25 million profiles are accessed every single day!

LinkedIn provides various account options and business solutions to suit your own professional social networking requirements. 

LinkedIn's Premium memberships are rapidly expanding and offering excellent versatility for specific purposes beyond the basic free account. Including Premium Career, Business and the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

linkedin sales navigator

Access to features across the LinkedIn products are restricted dependent on your chosen package. You can view the details of each option here.

There are many advanced tools, extentions and plug-ins which allow you to maximise the potential of LinkedIn beyond its basic form for communication, marketing, prospecting, lead generation, sales development and productivity.

Many are free, others combine better with the paid subscriptions (or require one seperately) and some are frowned upon by LinkedIn as an organisation.

However, third party tools are not illegal, just often have a shorter life-span than other lead generation and prospecting software you might be using. Therefore it is at your own discretion to explore and utilise each tool as you see relevant.

Here Are Five Tools To Improve Your Prospecting And Lead Generation Using LinkedIn


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