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Social media’s all the rage nowadays, but is it effective in a B2B business for direct selling? With social consolidation and monitoring tools like Hootsuite a few simple tweaks can help add value to your B2B Social Media Strategy from this you can really hone in on opportunities and keep an ear to the ground on real-life sales indicators. Below’s a list we’ve compiled on quick things to keep an ear and eye out for:

1) Reach out to leads through social media. 

Like any well-oiled sales team, you’ll all have a list of leads allocated to you – but how often are you reaching out to them by social or preparing them for a call?

Follow them on Twitter and any other channel that immediately reaches the person you’re trying to engage with. be smart about how you reach out to them and be sure to use their social channels to educate yourself on the nature of their business, role within the company.

Use notifications to set up triggers that highlight prospects intentions to proceed or indication they’re in need of your services.

2) Keep an eye on competition

By creating streams for mentions of competition or various brand keywords you can highlight leads  within social networds. These can then be applied into your sales process like any other lead. Try and reach out to them on social and engage -the more exposure and demonstrating your willingness to help the better.

3) Talk the talk on Linkedin

Linkedin is a great place to demonstrate your thought leadership on particular subjects and is a public place to do so. You’ll notice that certain key people within organisations paint a picture of themselves as leaders within their field by the quality and credibility of their blogs, articles and general engagement.

4) Get your s*#t in order

Often peoples social profiles across Linkedin, Twitter etc can look like a simple ‘Ctrl C + Ctrl V’ and overlook the fact that these platforms are a great way to educate your prospects into trying out your products. Make sure your team organise their profiles in a way which paints the correct picture of the product they’re representing couple with a host of calls to action to engage in a free trial or next steps…

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