Micro Case Study: Training Sales People

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Joining Whoisvisiting in early January, Training Sales People were looking for a solution to increase sales whilst keeping costs low. They had identified that Whoisvisiting offered them a low monthly cost without a contract whilst offering similar data to other services.

About the client

Training Sales People offer in depth training services for your sales staff. They will help retrain experienced staff in areas such as Collaborative Selling, Negotiation skills, Telesales all the way to prospecting leads and overcoming objections.

During a discussion with the client, they expressed 3 areas of frustration.


  • They were frustrated that they did not know who was on the website
  • They were frustrated that they could not make contact with these visitors
  • They were frustrated that they were paying for advertising campaigns and not receiving many enquiries from them.

They had searched online for a solution and found that Whoisvisiting offered them an easy to use product with a free trial. The price points were also a key factor in their decision when choosing Whoisvisiting.

With the instant access to the dashboard the customer was able to see, real time, the companies that visited their website. After they had set up their reports they were instantly receiving emails informing them of companies that have visited their site and they were able to contact the prospective customers.

Using their skills in sales they now actively contact each visitor and tender for their business. They have reportedly increased business significantly since using this tool and with their pricing package at £29 per month they have easily made a return on investment from the sales they have achieved.




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