Why coffee is for closers and Whoisvisiting is not just for posers

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Why coffee is for closers and Whoisvisiting is not just for posers.

People have asked me is whoisvisiting.com a vanity tool. I often reply with the answer “Vanity or do you mean Sanity? Does it make you vein being able to identify who is visiting your website? I think that it will keep you sane knowing that you’re getting the opportunity to gain every potential lead which, without whoisvisiting, may have been lost!

3 key points that will stop you thinking of us as a gel but more like a glue.

First off, by no means do I believe, or would expect you to believe, that every visit to your website is a ‘lead’. However identifying companies visiting your website in the first instance can allow you to filter and pick the most salient and relevant opportunities for your business. You can never have enough leads as a business, its the life and blood of the organisation. The beautiful thing about whoisvisiting is, due to the competitive price points it provides, you can still be running the tool even when you’re busy, actioning the data in the lull periods if you can’t jump on it straight away.

]Top Tip: Always collate the info even if you can’t action straight away. You don’t want to miss Willy Wonka when he’s handing out golden tickets. We all know its sods law that one company you wouldn’t mind working with is all over you and you’ve decided not to track or pause the service. Collate, collate, collate!!!

We’ve all got competitors, its just the way of the world. So as the world keeps spinning you can be sure they’ll keep visiting. Stay ahead of the game with our B2B website tracking and see what pages are taking your visitors fancy and how long and often they visit. Take their visit as a compliment, you’re obviously doing something right.


“I get so many of my existing customers going onto the site” Well that’s a good thing. It may be that their contract is up in a few months, you haven’t done business in a while or their may be an additional service you can provide on top of your existing deal. Analyse their visit, what product/pages are they looking at and get one of the Account Managers to get on the phone and cement that sale.

So my advice would be after doing this, make sure you have plenty of coffee stocked up (fair trade beans preferable). As the closing is about to begin.


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