Conversion marketing for B2B sites – never write off a visitor, (never say never)

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Conversion marketing for B2B sites People most commonly associate conversion marketing to online shops (ecommerce sites), but a typical example of conversion marketing is visitors who have abandoned your site before making an enquiry either via a call or email so effectively they have not taken up your service or product.

This is why it is key to use B2B marketing tools such as to identify businesses visiting your site in the first instance, giving you the opportunity to use conversion marketing to re-engage or tender for the business.

Never write off a visitor, (never say never). Just because they haven’t enquired doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested in your product or service. Firstly ask yourself, how many sites you have been on which you find value in their product or service and haven’t left an enquiry. The reality of website conversion is only around 4-5% of people with leave their details or call.

Why didn’t they get in touch?

Don’t take it personal many factors can come into play when browsing sites; –       Timing –       Budgets –       Planning –       Price An example of this is a business visitor may be looking at your site and getting price points to discuss in an upcoming budget meeting for the next quarters spend. It’s key to identify what companies visited your site Using B2B marketing tools such as allows you to identify the business visiting your site, giving information on what pages they have visited, their URL, Address, Company Name, Tel and Email. Giving you the raw information you need to succeed with conversion marketing. Conversion marketing practices

  • Research – Do the relevant research on the company to make sure it fits. Don’t waste time on businesses you feel not be suitable.  
  • Target Prospects – Using tools such as linkedin allowing you to search the relevant contacts within the organisation who meet the criteria to sell to.
  • Personalise Emails – An email tailored personally to the recipient can seem less impersonal and is more than likely to get read. Attach any presentations or guides, which can help tender for the business.
  • Cold call – The most common form of acquiring new business and one of the most effective ways. Talk to the prospect and understand why they may not have enquired and see if you can overcome they’re objection.

Conversion marketing has helped many business increase sales and using along side these basic practices will lead to more closed business.

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