How to Close Sales

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If you want to grow, then you need to drive sales and close.

To drive sales you need customers that you can sell your product or service to. Assuming you have these things, then the sales responsibility falls firmly in your lap.

The leads are weak?

Selling any type of product requires you to walk a tightrope. You have to persuade people and you most certainly must never become annoying or arrogant. Your customer must always come first, you must never forget this. Below are 9 of the most effective sales strategies, that will help you close your customer quicker.

 How to Close Sales 1:  Know your Product

How much knowledge you will need in order to sell your product will depend on the product in hand. Know the product inside out and upside down, then you can sell and close in your sleep. What are the benefits and what are the features that make you stand out from the competition. Once you know these USPs, you will have something to hang your hat on.

How to Close Sales 2:  Know your Customer

What is your customer interested in? What is their problem? Why do they need your product and what problem will you solve for them?   This information should always be at your fingertips and not in your head. You must know your customers wants and needs to know how to close sales. You can also make notes of previous engagements and possibly make notes of what they did last weekend? How was the kids birthday? Did you have nice anniversary? Knowing your customer will build trust and a rapport that will work wonders on the sale. A bit creepy? Yes, but one hell of a strategy for building that relationship and finally closing that sale.

How to Close Sales 3:  Know your Competition

When competing for business, you are entering a tough world If you know your competition as well as yourself, you can pick out their flaws and exploit their weaknesses. This can help you create a quicker sale by doing ‘a job’ on your competitor. In the words of Michael Corleone: “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”

How to Close Sales 4: Keeping it Real

People like nice people. Keep it real and be a genuine person. As before, understand your client, understand their wants, their needs and most of all their business. Don’t eat your dinner early and come unstuck. Nobody likes a pushy salesman. Be cool, keep cool. It is OK to be prepared, be on your toes. Be ready to ask difficult questions and don’t be afraid to answer them honestly. You won’t need to know how to close sales if you get this right.

How to Close Sales 5: Overcoming the clients objections

This part of the sale is critical. Fall over here, stumble or get found to be unprepared, your talking the short walk to Failuresville. There are always objections to any sale. When I bought an Aston Martin DBS, I was worried about the servicing costs, depreciation and fuel bills. “Looking like James Bond, doesn’t come cheap” said the salesman. I bought it. (I’ve sold it since!) It cost me a fortune and I don’t have a Dinner Suit.

How to Close Sales 6: You must create that sense of urgency

You must attach a deadline to the deal, you must set a sense of urgency to get the deal done. There must be an incentive for the client to commit. You can offer a discount or a extended free trial, but whatever it is, you must make them think they have something to lose if they do not take you up on this fantastic offer. It’s that little push, extra reason to make a decision faster.

How to Close Sales 7: Who is the decision maker?

You need to find out the decision maker and where possible, speak with them directly. There is no point handling objections through a third party. Get the organ grinder on the phone! Sometimes, the decision maker will send in a subordinate to find out all about a product or service. Where this happens, be sure to put yourself in the shoes of the decision maker, so your pitch will resonate with them, even if they are not actually in attendance. They will hear this later on and hopefully, will still make the decision to buy. Always try to reach the decision maker direct where possible.

How to Close Sales 8: Ask for a referral

One of the easiest ways to close a sale is through a referral. You should always be asking whether or not a buying client would like to make a referral on someone else behalf. You will have to have done a great job with the customer to ask for a referral. Every single time you are offered a referral, you are increasing your chances of securing a sale. Also ask, where a customer is using your product, whether they would be willing to give you a testimonial or feedback that you can use to create more awareness in the market. The more you do this, the more people will visit your website.

How to Close Sales 9: Don’t forget to ask & timing

The Timing of the close is critical. Knowing when to talk and when to listen is an art form. You can learn this with many years training, although some are born with this salesman mentality. You must always approach this subject, you must always ask for their business. Be sure to use all the above to make sure your chances of a sale are maximised. Always smile when your are selling at this stage, even on the phone. How to close a sale? Practice.


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