Top 5 B2B Essential Website Features

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In previous posts we have discussed how important it is to develop B2B marketing strategies. But what are the important B2B website features for your website? An imperative part of this is having a website that works for your prospects. Having an efficient website and one that provides the information required to B2B companies in the clearest possible way is critical; often this may have been overlooked and not received the required care and attention required to make it really woe for you. Below provides some top tips on what you need to be looking at in order to improve your B2B website.

1. First impressions It’s said that people make a judgement on someone within the first three seconds of viewing them – this is never more true in the world of web. B2B businesses are becoming increasingly savvy and jump from site to site to find the most relevant B2B companies for their requirement. It’s critical that you make that first impression that delivers credibility and clear presents information to your prospect.

2. Easy to use Whilst perceived as easy, keeping a website simple and easy to use is harder than it may appear. It’s really important that products, services and your offerings are not overcomplicated, but instead communicated in the most simple and easy to understand way possible. In addition, clear and consistent navigation will ultimately result in lower bounce rates and reduced traffic. Using well known navigation formats will help B2B visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

3. Brand, brand, brand! Using design and branding can be a key differentiator. Visual branding is really important to help differentiate your offering and develop credibility. Pay attention to the types of fonts you’re using, the layouts and colours schemes and ensure that you maintain consistency across all of these themes (both online on your website and in your companies marketing collateral!).

4. Update content frequently Nowadays content needs to be one of the key elements to your website and online strategy. If will governs the way that your site ranks and what keywords you’re ranking for. Websites that provide frequent visitors can also command a higher number of subscribers to boots, news articles and ensure channels of communication are maintained.

5. Build landing pages which are geared towards your goals Be sure to create certain landing pages on your website that are specific to your goals. A consistent user experience is critical (as desvibed above). It’s important to combine your creative with functional design that accounts for usability, interface design, accessibility. User experience is a key part of your website and so building pages that are specifically in place to engage with certain products or services is a must. Correct architecture of your websites will in turn, increase conversion and generate more B2B leads. Summarising points B2B websites are scarcely deliver transactions. Instead the proposition needs to towards presenting your company as credible, professional. This is achieved through some of the key points such as brand, intuitive nature of the website and content.

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