How regularly should you Post B2B Marketing Content Online?

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The Content Marketing Institute recently released a report on the how regularly posts should be created within the world of B2B and the efficiency/impact this has on your B2B marketing.

The first question, “How often does your organisation publish new content that supports its content marketing program?”. Here’s what they said:

15% – Daily 27% – Multiple Times per Week 16% – Weekly 20% – Multiple Times per Month 13% – Monthly 7% – Less than Once per Month 2% – Unsure

Did you know, 63% of the most effective B2B marketers publish new content daily or multiple times per week.

Whilst the above stats don’t detail the breakdown of social activity, it does go some way into understanding the regularity at which people post and where regular, relevant posts are proportional to successful marketing campaigns. 

The ultimate goal of content marketing is in driving leads from the ‘source’ (the blog post, social campaign, etc) and drive onto a landing page which ultimately lands a ‘goal’ (a form-fill, phone call, purchase etc).

A process that a number of successful B2B marketeers adopt is through ebooks and White Papers. These White Papers are Thought Leadership pieces, i.e. a syllabus of top-level pieces that guide key people in certain strategies.

Let’s take one we’re doing for and analyse the validity of it and the benefits it may bring:

A White Paper we’ve recently rolled-out.

The Definitive Guide to B2B Lead Generation

Chapter 1: Lead Generation Introduction What is Lead Generation Why is Lead Generation so important? What is a Lead? Marketing and Sales Leads? Creating a Lead Funnel

Chapter 2: Lead Generation Tactics Content Marketing Blogging and Forums Search Marketing and Paid Advertising Landing Pages Social Media Email Marketing Telemarketing

Chapter 3: Measuring your Performance Testing and Optimisation Measuring Metrics Technologies

Chapter 4: Action

You’ll have to wait and see the contents of our White Paper (due out this week!) but hopefully you get an idea of a structured White Paper that is relevant to our business and our goals of reaching out to B2B Marketeers.

These White Paper strategies work. A lot of time, effort and research internally goes into developing a definitive White Paper saving your prospects the legwork.

Companies active in B2B marketing find resources such as this invaluable for a number of reasons:

1. It’s a head start when launching a new B2B strategy 2. It provides a single source to reference when writing or referencing back on your quarterly or annual plans 3. It’s an authority on the subject from tried and tested sources

Generally top-level guides like this are utilised across various levels, industries and demographics.

So what’s in it for you? These White Papers are a great way to generate leads for our own business. Not only are they targeting the exact prospect but your company is also perceived as a thought leader on B2B marketing topics which solidifies credibility as a partner or supplier.

How to release your White Papers? Well, first things first. We suggest you hold-fire until the end of this week. Our guide will provide you with great steps in how to roll-out strategies such as this. 

One important note, is to stagger the release of Chapters of the White Paper and support it through social conversations online also.

We’ll be releasing our first Chapter of our WhitePaper: The Definitive Guide to B2B Lead Generation so keep an eye out.

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